Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 324

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 324

Chapter 324 


She would get used to being slandered due to frequent malicious gossip

When Theresa looked through the trending list, she was particularly calm. Looking at those messy 

comments, she even wanted to laugh

The female lead in Love in Bitter Winter, suspected to be heroine by using a casting couch 

She clicked on it to have a look



It was a long text

The blogger used a sensational headline to attract readers and described how a certain actress whose surname starts with the letters A used the casting couch to gain fortune and fame

The blogger also wrote that this actress has now become a model through the casting couch

In addition, she wrote that she has slept with all kinds of big shots and finally played the leading role in 

her first movie with the support of capital

The blogger didn’t name anyone. But between the lines, the text was referring to Theresa

Sure enough, not long after the long text was published, the topic, The female lead in Love in Bitter Winter, suspected to be the heroine by using a casting couch, was heated

Theresa exited the topic with a poker face and then clicked on the second one

Why can she be an actress with a low academic?” 

In this topic, people were digging out Rose’s educational background

A group of people promised that they were Rose’s classmates and neighbors. They said that her mother was a female prisoner who had committed many crimes. Influenced by her mother, she had been a bad girl since she was a child. Because of her bad conduct, she was expelled from school. Rose was suspected to have not even completed her compulsory education. She didn’t even know what top- 


Emergency calls onlyO 

Chapter 324 

notch Anaville University was




Then another bunch of people said that they were Rose’s former colleague, former designer, former lighting crew, and so on. They also confirmed that Rose was a bad girl who had been expelled from 


With such a misleading gossip, the rubberneckers began to attack the educational background of celebrities in the entertainment circle and considered these celebrities were not qualified to be idols

As a result, the topic heats up faster than the first one

While mocking Rose, the rubberneckers also dragged a bunch of lesseducated stars into the mire

Then some stars refuted the rumors, and their fans also took apart in the topic. The opponents took the opportunity to mess up the situation

The heat of this topic was skyrocketed

Theresa was expressionless and accepted the first top trending topic in her life

What followed the top trending topic was about the casting couch

Originally, Theresa was just an unknown newcomer in the entertainment circle. Now, she was completely famous, although her reputation was so bad

Theresa, you’ve looked through these trending topics, haven’t you?The agent said nervously, Someone must have done something to you since these things were suddenly broke out.” 

I know.Theresa sighed

The agent hesitated for a moment and said cautiously, Theresa, we did sign a contract that it wouldn’t affect your private life. But now, I’m afraid it’s impossible not to reveal your real identity.” 

Theresa had already understood it, so she said calmly, Okay, do it.” 

Really?The agent was stunned for a moment, and then she was overjoyed

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 324 

90% 0958 

To be honest, although the agent was nervous when she saw these trending topics, she was not very 


After all, she knew who Theresa was

She thought as long as the identity of Theresa was made public, the rumors on the Internet would be naturally clarified

Theresa nodded and said

You don’t have to do anything. I happened to run into something at school. I made an appointment with the school to announce my identity at nine o’clock in the morning. At that time, I will repost the school’s tweet.” 

The school will help you announce it?The agent suddenly became excited

The agent thought; this is Anaville University, one of the top universities in the country! If the authorities of Anaville University helped Theresa verify her identity, it would be much better than us working so hard to deny the rumors!‘ 

Yes. You can just repost my tweet,said Theresa calmly

It’s not enough! I’ll arrange it first.” The agent raised her voice. Don’t worry. When your identity is announced, I assure you that the news will spread all over the Internet as soon as possible.” 

The agent was instantly full of energy

Theresa said resignedly, Okay, go ahead.” 

Then the agent went to work enthusiastically

There was still an hour before the announcement

During this hour

The crew of Love in Bitter Winter, from Mr. Witt to the best boy, all nervously came to ask Theresa about 

her situation

Theresa didn’t say much and replied uniformly, Everything will be resolved at nine o’clock.” 

Emergency calls onlyO 

Chapter 324 

Mr. Witt was puzzled, Nine o’clock?‘ 

99% 09:59 

Mr. Witt was still a little nervous when he saw Theresa’s reply. After all, if the negative news continued. spreading, it would affect the movie’s reputation

However, seeing that Theresa was so calm, he felt a little relieved

When Susan saw the trending topic, she immediately asked Theresa what her plans were

Theresa told the truth

Susan couldn’t help laughing. I seem to be able to see many people will lose their face an hour later.” 

Probably because Theresa had been slandered for many times, Susan didn’t know if they were very enthusiastic about losing their face

Theresa said helplessly, Actually, I didn’t want to do that. But some people always forced me to disgrace them. I have to help them.” 

Theresa sounded a little wicked, and Susan couldn’t help laughing. I’m looking forward to it.” 

An hour later

The official Twitter account of Anaville University sent such a message

She’s a talented girl in the Department of Language of Anaville University, studying for a master’s degree. She was recommended for doctoral student, scrambled by many doctoral supervisors. Against. all expectations, she has a sideline as a top model. When she was at school, she was simple and down- toearth. On the catwalk, she’s shining. Over the years, Anaville University has always encouraged students to develop in many ways. Crossborder development like Theresa is the result of our 


After a bunch of official speeches, the official twitter attached two pictures

One was Theresa was at school, and the other was Theresa was on stage

Although Anaville University was a top university, its popularity on Twitter had always been low

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 324 

But as soon as this Twitter appeared, the comments area suddenly exploded

was very sim 

-The most heated comment There were only three question marks



The second most popular comment was also very concise. There were only three exclamation points

The third most popular comment said, Are the top two people the same person? Are you kidding me?” 

At first, the people who commented were all students who followed the official Twitter of the school

Theresa was quite famous at Anaville University. With that heated post, she was currently a big shot at 

Anders University

As soon as the tweet of the school was posted, the students of Anders University were going crazy

Every student wondered, What was going on? The talented girl in the Department of Language, who was famous for her outdated dressing, turned out to be Rose, the supermodel?” 

After all, the two of them did not have the same style at all

Theresa was a genius. She usually wore a thick bangs and blackframed glasses. Her clothes were always loose shirts and thick black pants

Usually, although everyone was amazed by her amazing grades, they had to add one sentence every 


God of Peace. She is good at studying, but she is too careless.” 

But what about now

Nobody would believe that Theresa and that supermodel Rose were the same person

After all, everyone knew who Rose is

As an international supermodel, she used to be famous for her cool and charm. For several months in a row, she had ranked first on the dream lover list

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 324 

These two people suddenly became the same person

They doubted, Are you fucking kidding me?” 

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

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