Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 325

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 325

Chapter 325 

Before the news went viral on Twitter, the campus forum of Anaville University was already filled with all kinds of discussions about it

Damn, did anyone read the article posted by our school?” 

The one saying that Theresa is Rose? I can’t believe it. I reasonably doubt that there must be something wrong with my eyes. I’m a big fan of Rose. How can I not have recognized her after she has shown up so many times before my eyes? m too ashamed to call myself a fan of hers.” 

I just checked Rose’s schedule. In the past four months, she was busy filming Love in Bitter Winter. So, during the four months when Theresa asked for leave, she did go to work” 

Theresa’s both smart and beautiful. Damn, she’s so extraordinary.” 

Now that I think about it, the previous post must have been written with strong jealousy. The post is filled with some speculations with no solid proof.” 

Although I’m very desperate about the fact that my favorite star already has a boyfriend, I never believed that Rose would like Evan.” 

Evan? He’s nobody. With that relatively handsome face, he always acts like he’s the king of the town. He acts as if everyone in the world likes him.” 

By the way, I don’t know what kind of person Theresa is. But Evan is a complete jerk. One of my best friends was pregnant with his child. He begged my friend to have an abortion. But after that, he immediately dumped my friend.” 

Let me tell you somethingI have a friend who was harassed by Evan once. Fortunately, she rejected 


Later, a few people said something about Evan intermittently. They were either harassed by Evan or 

cheated on by Evan

For a moment, the school forum was filled with discussions, either cursing Evan for being a scumbag or 


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Chapter 325 

expressing surprise about Theresa’s identity

Ever since the school posted the article on Twitter, Evan had a bad feeling

He hurriedly logged into the school forum

Seeing that the students began to curse him on the forum, Evan panicked

However, although some of what these students said was true, many of the comments were exaggerated

At this moment, Evan finally experienced the power of the rumors himself

He sat on the chair, feeling at a loss

This time, he made a mistake and caused himself to suffer a great loss

On Twitter

Theresa reposted the tweet of Anaville University, First of all, I need to appreciate my school for its cultivation. I will definitely work hard at my studies and job to become a better person in the future.” 

There were no comments on Theresa’s tweet in almost three minutes

Then, Theresa’s fans were the first to go crazy

What the fuck. I was just arguing with someone who hates Theresa and saying that an academic degree can’t prove much. But it turns out that Theresa has a master’s degree, and that she will get a doctor’s degree in the future due to excellent grades. Then, the person just stopped talking. Theresa has made a name for herself and made those losers speechless.” 

Wow, I can’t help laughing out loud. How dare they slander Theresa to be a bad girl who hasn’t completed middle school? Since when is a bad girl looking like this? (a picture attached) Theresa is such a sweet girl when she is at school!” 

I wonder how those people, who used to claim to be Theresa’s classmates, are doing? Are you qualified to be the classmates of a talented female student at Anaville University?” 


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Chapter 325 

Theresa didn’t have many fans, but this time, Theresa’s move was so powerful that all of her fans were united and created a strong effect

The second group of people who spoke for Theresa were the students from Anaville University

Although Theresa was criticized horribly on the forum yesterday, the comments at that time were posted by a small group of people who were very jealous

This time, seeing that Theresa had been slandered so badly earlier for her educational background, the students of Anaville University all started to satirize

This group of people had a great educational background, and they were also good at satirizing

Some of them cursed while citing the classics

Some of them were cursing tactfully

Some even wrote ironic articles to scold

Many of those who had slandered Theresa didn’t even understand the sarcasm from the students of Anaville University

Wow, it’s so hilarious. This article is too vicious. Someone who had slandered Theresa before thought the writer of the article was speaking up for them, so he expressed his gratitude below the article. I bet the person hasn’t completed high school yet. Can’t he see the sarcasm in the words?” 

Let’s stop talking about those slandering Theresa. I feelI feel like I’m not welleducated either. Do you guys understand the one who cursed in poems? I feel like I’m an illiterate. Damn!” 

I can’t believe it. Theresa is a top student in the Department of Literature at Anaville University, but somehow, she was slandered by a group of losers on the Internet, who rumored that Theresa didn’t have a good educational background. If Theresa is not welleducated, then what about the other students of Anaville University. How can the students not be angry?” 

As a centuryold university, Anaville University had cultivated many famous figures over the years

Originally, it was just an incident in the entertainment circle. Even if the famous figures saw it, no one 


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Chapter 325 

would pay attention to it

But now… 

The person who was slandered online turned out to be their junior

And even Anaville University had spoken up for Theresa

In that case, how could big figures tolerate it

Half an hour later

A large number of influential people joined the discussion online

An economist

A famous writer

As well as a popular musician… 

Countless important figures who had studied at Anaville University expressed their support for Theresa, which was a rare and shocking thing on Twitter

It didn’t take long for the hashtag: a master’s degree at Anaville University is not a good educational backgroundto suppress the negative topics on Twitter and make it to the top

Those who had slandered Theresa didn’t dare to make a sound anymore

Theresa was also a little surprised to see this. She hurriedly thanked her seniors and had friendly 

interactions with them

As soon as her educational background was clarified, other things were easier to solve

As for the posts claiming that Theresa was a mean girl, all the photos of Theresa growing up were posted

In this way, everyone could see that Theresa was never a bad girl


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Chapter 325 



Moreover, Theresa’s mother was not a criminal. Her father was an engineer, and her mother was a university professor. She came from a family of scholars

The rumor about Theresa’s filthy deed was even more ridiculous. There was no solid proof at all, and it was complete nonsense. No one believed such a rumor at all

Theresa had gained more and more fans in this incident

Originally, models didn’t have many fans in the entertainment industry. Even if Theresa was a famous model, she only had less than a hundred thousand followers, and few of them were loyal fans

After this incident, many of her fans, who only kind of liked her, became loyal fans, and Theresa had gained many new fans who supported her greatly

Theresa seemed to be very popular now

Theresa looked helplessly at the sharply increasing comments on her tweet posted one year ago, and she was instantly at a loss

She wondered, Am I becoming popular after being slandered so hard?” 

When Theresa looked at the number of her fans increasing rapidly in horror, Henri was already in the room and was ready to smash the tenth glass of his

Who told me that Theresa has a poor educational background?Henri roared at the other side of the 


Not only did you fail to ruin Theresa’s fame, but you also made her popular. Are you slandering her or helping her?” 

Henri vented his anger crazily

After all, there was nothing else he could do

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

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