Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 326

Ice-Cold Ceo Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward ) Chapter 326

Chapter 326 

After venting his anger for a long time, Henri finally calmed down

He thought to himself, Alright, we failed in this attempt to slander Theresa, so what

Anyway, Henri had done it secretly enough, and no one knew that he was the mastermind behind it.” 

However, the more Henri thought about it, the angrier he became. He was displeased that Theresal made use of the chance to gain her popularity greatly

When Henri was secretly angry, there was another big news about Theresa

First of all, the people at Anaville University revealed that Theresa seemed to have a boyfriend now and posted a photo of the two of them

Theresa had just gained popularity. Usually, such news could cause great damage to her popularity

Therefore, Theresa’s fans hurriedly commented and said that Theresa and the man were normal 


However, Theresa released a post on Twitter and announced their relationship

Everyone, let me introduce my boyfriend to you.” 

With the words, Theresa attached a picture of Thomas

Thomas immediately reposted it

Hey, everyone, this is my girlfriend.” 

There was a beautiful picture of Theresa attached

On Twitter, the introduction of Thomas was that he was the male lead in Love in Bitter Winter

The netizens burst into an uproar


Chapter 326 

In the netizenseyes, Theresa’s deed was too impulsive. She just announced her relationship as soon as 

she became popular

Moreover, her boyfriend was a new actor who had no fame at alll 

Many netizens wondered, Thomas, who the hell is he?‘ 

Theresa was already at the peak of her popularity today. Now that her relationship was suddenly exposed, her popularity soared to another level

Although Theresa wasn’t a star who depended much on her popularity, there were still many people who expressed their disappointment when Theresa’s relationship was exposed

In particular, the male fans who regarded Theresa as a dream girl were all discouraged, and many of 

them announced to stop supporting Theresa

Dear Lord! How could you expose your relationship so quickly?The agent’s forehead was covered in sweat. Did you forget what I told you? Now is not the right time to announce your relationship. Take a look at the current situation. You’ve worked so hard to win the support of the fans. But now many of 

them are giving up on you and even cursing you!” 

Theresa was very calm. I just don’t want to lie to my fans.” 

Love was love

Even if it was love based on a contract, it was still love

Moreover, Theresa did not think that it was a shameful thing to be in love

If their relationship was discovered, they should announce it publicly. Both she and Thomas had agreed 

on it earlier

YouThe agent felt a little helpless. How can a man be more important than your career?” 

Theresa smiled and said, It’s just a relationship. I didn’t steal or rob anyone. If my career is ruined because of this, it can only prove that I’m not capable enough.” 


Chapter 326 

All right, all right, I can’t outspeak you.The agent was upset. I’ll deal with the aftermath for you.” 

Theresa felt a little guilty. Thank you for that.” 



Theresa’s agent company and the production team of Love in Bitter Winterwere all in a hurry to deal with the consequences caused by the announcement of the relationship

In addition, Susan supported Theresa online

But the effect was not very good

Later, Mr. Witt had a brainwave and released the second advertisement of the film ahead of schedule

The second piece of advertisement was filmed by two people.. 

In the video, Thomas and Theresa stood in the snowy environment, supporting each other and snuggling up to each other

In the video, the weather on Earth was getting worse day by day

While Thomas and Theresa were struggling to move forward, a strong wind suddenly blew over, stirring 

up waves of snow

Such a scene was quite like the end of the world

Thomas and Theresa exchanged glances, and their faces were slightly pale

Neither of them spoke, but they exchanged complicated emotions with their eyes

At the latter part of the advertisement, Thomas muttered something in the snowstorm

Theresa asked loudly, What did you say?” 

Thomas smiled and hugged Theresa tightly to protect her

The storm dissipated


Chapter 326 

Theresa got up from the snow in embarrassment

As for Thomas, his lips were pale and he looked like a corpse


At the end of the video, Theresa was screaming in pain

Thomas and Theresa were both rookies in acting

But in this video, the two of them showed precious, obscure, and strong feelings for each other

The video was just five minutes long, but a lot of people cried after watching it

Someone asked, Thomas is Theresa’s boyfriend, isn’t he? I just thought that Theresa was stupid enough to fall in love with someone at this time. But after watching this video, I suddenly understand TheresaBy the way, is the male lead really dead?– 

No, I hope not.” 

I slowed down the video ten times and slowly watched it carefully. The last sentence that the male lead said should be live on. I thought he might say I love you. His last words really brought me great 


In that sort of situation, live onwould be even more moving than I love you“,” 

Are they in love with each other after filming the movie together? It should be really difficult to control one’s feelings in the process of filming such a touching movie.” 

Although I don’t know if the relationship between these two people in the play is perfect, I hope that their relationship in real life can be perfect.” 

Me too.” 

Same here.” 

I agree.” 

As soon as Mr. Witt released the advertisement, Thomas and Theresa suddenly gained a group of fans 


Chapter 326 

supporting their relationship

Theresa finally breathed a sigh of relief

Earlier, she was ready to lose many of her fans, but she didn’t want to make things difficult for her 


But now everything turned out good. It was the best for both her and her agent

Thomas.Henri looked at the new advertisement and his face suddenly darkened

Henri felt like he had been slapped again.. 

Previously, Henri had suddenly resigned from the filming team and the production team had hired at 

new actor

Because of this, Henri had often mocked Mr. Witt

However, it turned out Thomas and Theresa’s cooperation was perfect and attracted a large number of 

fans supporting them as a couple.. 

Henri checked the home page of Twitter with a livid face

As expected, he was once again mentioned and satirized by the netizens

I remember that when Henri attended an interview a few days ago, he openly mocked that

production team couldn’t find a male actor, so they directly hired a worker at the scene to be the male 

lead. At that time, Henri and the host of the interview mocked the production team together.” 

Wow, Thomas seemed to have been working on set before.” 

The crucial point is that although Thomas is hired as a newbie, the effect of his shootingis amazing.” 

I guess Henri must be so humiliated now. In short, I am now looking forward to Love in Bitter Wintervery much. If Love in Bitter Winterturns out to be a huge boxoffice success, will Henri regret it?

The front page of Henri’s Twitter was now full of sarcastic comments


Henri took deep breaths over and over again

He had a strong background. As soon as he entered the entertainment industry, everything went smoothly for him. And because of his good acting skills, he was soon regarded as an extremely professional actor

For so many years, he had never been humiliated like this

Henri looked at the video with bloodshot eyes

On the one hand, he really regretted it. He didn’t expect that Mr. Witt would perform so well this time. Just by looking at these two advertisements, he could see that the quality and acting of this movie were topnotch. In combination with Mr. Witt’s carefully chosen script, this movie might really be a hit

On the other hand, he was a little jealous of Thomas. What was Thomas? Thomas was originally just a work on set, but he had actually won the beauty’s heart. Henri couldn’t help thinking that if he hadn’t been so impulsive at that time and had gone with the flow, maybe he would have been the one to win the heart of the beauty


In short, the more Henri looked at the video, the angrier he became

However, the onlookers were still mocking him

On impulse, Henri edited a tweet and posted it quickly


Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald ( Edward )

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Ice-Cold Ceo, Crazy Love By Christin Donald

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