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Love Addiction Chapter 71

Chapter 0071 

How could that be?Lucius flatly denied it

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Regina challenged him, I’ve been through it all; how could I have missed it? What do you have to hide?” 

Aside from you, no other woman in this world could have my affection!” Lucius’s tone was firm and decisive

Meanwhile, Violet, who was tidying a small bed outside, paused when she accidentally overheard their conversation

She accidentally knocked her palm against the bed’s edge after hearing Lucius’s clear denial of having feelings for her

Was there a problem with her? What difference does it make if Lucius falls in love with another woman

Violet stroked her finger, and headed outside. She felt a strange tightness in her chest as she left the room

Lucius was gone when she returned to the room, leaving only Regina

There was irritation on Regina’s face as she beckoned to Violet, saying, Vivi, come over here!” 

Obediently, Violet approached her with the juice

Starting today, I’d like you to wear these while you’re looking after me!” 

Regina picked up a pile of clothes from the bed, and handed them to her

Violet gazed at the clothes, visibly puzzled. The garments were made from highquality material and showed 

expert craftsmanship. It was evident they were designed for a young woman

She asked, Where did these clothes originate from?” 

George collected them for me.” 

Violet remembered that George had visited various rooms earlier. These were the rooms Lucius used for his 


She asked, Grandma, what’s the reason for me to wear these clothes?” 

Violet could tell, even without wearing them, that these were the kind of provocative dresses left behind by 

Lucius’s visitors

I want to brighten up the atmosphere in my room. Having you in these clothes will lift my spirits and aid my recovery,Regina explained

Violet wondered if that was the true motive

Don’t worry, George has ensured they are all thoroughly cleaned and sanitized,Regina added, noticing her 


Violet smiled bitterly as she grasped the clothes. I’ll wear them for you now.” 


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Left with no choice but to comply with the wishes of a gravely ill elderly woman, Violet dutifully retreated to 

another room to change her clothes

Regina, feeling victorious, whispered to herself, Just wait, you scoundrel! You think you can deceive your grandmother. Let’s see how long you can keep up this charade!” 

She didn’t just insist on Violet changing her clothes, and also wanted Violet to put on makeup

Aiming to satisfy Regina, Violet applied a subtle amount of makeup

She stood out and attracted attention because of her natural beauty and flawless skin, which were both enhanced by minimal makeup

Though Violet felt deeply uncomfortable, Regina was overjoyed and kept showering her with compliments

Lucius, rubbing his forehead, ascended the stairs. He suddenly noticed a striking silhouette crossing his path

The woman, with her hair loosely tied, radiated a timeless elegance

The cut of her backless dress revealed her slender arms, wellshaped legs, and delicate waist, while her skin 

appeared soft, glowing, and supple

Lucius wondered if George had found another companion for him

However, this woman headed straight into Regina’s room

Intrigued, Lucius followed, and upon entering, his voice turned icy. Violet? Why are you dressed like this?” 

She looks stunning in this outfit,Regina interrupted, pulling Violet closer. See, she’s like a flower in full 


Violet, already uneasy in her new attire, flushed even more at Lucius’s disapproving tone. Her cheeks, more flushed than the blush on them, contrasted with her innocent expression

Lucius, visibly affected, averted his gaze and reluctantly admitted, Fine, as long as Grandma is pleased.” 

Come, sit and chat with me,Regina beckoned, patting the bed next to her, her mood 

noticeably lighter than it had been in the morning

Lucius sat down, his expression troubled

Vivi, fetch me some porridge.” 

Vivi, get me a glass of water.” 

Vivi, bring me” 

Regina asked Violet for things often, which was very out of character for her

Violet’s elegant form moved back and forth, repeatedly coming into and out of Lucius’s view

The issue was her attire, which was rather revealing. Each time she leaned over, it either exposed more of her 

chest or her legs


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Lucius found himself captivated by the sight, his throat dry

Her waist, though incomparable to that of an international supermodel, was slender and enticing, stirring in him an overwhelming desire to wrap his arms around her and pull her close

He shot Violet a stern glare

Busy with attending to Regina, Violet tried to cover herself as much as possible, she was flustered and 

preoccupied, and didn’t pay attention to his mood

She continued to disregard Lucius entirely

His thoughts drifted back to the morning, recalling how she had ignored him even though she knew the jacket was his, without offering a word of thanks

He noticed his jacket carelessly thrown at the head of the bed, partly on the floor. He pondered whether Violet always treated his belongings with such disregard

Lucius suddenly stood up, saying, Grandma, you should rest now. I must leave.” 

Regina didn’t press him to stay

Violet discreetly wiped her sweat away

That jacket belongs to Lucius, doesn’t it? You should give it back to him,” Regina pointed out

Violet looked at the jacket, realizing she had forgotten to remind him to take it

Hurry, I need to sleep,Regina said, closing her eyes

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/16/2024 Native Language: English
Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian ) Agatha.”“I’m not Agatha.”“Where’s the baby?”“There’s no baby.”“You aborted the baby?! How could you?!”“I’m not Agatha, and there’s no baby.”“Agatha…”  

Love Addiction Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

  Violet Wickham knew very clearly that she did not have amnesia, but for some reason, this man just kept thinking that she was Agatha River post-plastic surgery. He somehow even proved that they were once in a relationship. Violet fought back, but she was never able to escape from Lucius Davis’s control. She became his Agatha and had to accept the love meant for the beloved woman he had punished but lost. As time passed, she slowly forgot that she was Violet Wickham and loved Lucius with her heart and soul. But one day, he suddenly said, “I just got news. You’re not Agatha. You can leave whenever you want now.”   Chapter 0001 At the edge of the city, far from the noise and commotion, stood a massive city wall supporting a castle-like structure. Here lay Imperial Palace, a place shrouded in mystery. Behind it was an endless forest, while in front was a beautiful, shimmering lake. Cold… A young woman curled up as she hugged herself tightly on the finely embroidered carpet made by top Lussian craftsmen. She wore a white dress with puffed sleeves that beautifully fit her body


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