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Love Addiction Chapter 73

Chapter 0073 

Master Lucius?” 

George addressed Lucius in a tone of surprise, as it was unusual for Lucius to behave in such a manner

He received an irritated look from Lucius; he touched his nose, puzzled about what he might have done incorrectly

Lucius strode past him, but then paused after a few steps and ordered, Get sanitary pads.” 

Sanitary pads?George’s face transitioned from confusion to astonishment.. 

Could he be mishearing? Was Master Lucius actually requesting sanitary pads

Master Lucius?” 

Do it now!Lucius commanded, his face stormy and filled with anger. He regretted getting involved with Agatha, thinking her need for sanitary pads wasn’t his concern

George quickly bought a large pack of pads

Lucius looked at them with contempt. Without touching them, he ordered, Take these to Agatha’s room.” 

For Ms. Agatha, Master Lucius?” 

George, though shocked, realized the intention. He was surprised by Lucius’s gesture, especially given his 

master’s previously stated refusal to reconnect with Ms. Agatha

Do you think I need them for myself?” 

Lucius was exceptionally irritable, his words sharper, and his usual cold demeanor replaced by a fiery one, displaying a more authentic side of himself. 

George, intimidated, remained silent but took the pads upstairs

The idea of a man delivering such intimate items to a woman made Lucius scowl at George, and he felt deeply 


If I have to do everything myself, why employ so many servants? George, you will handle all such tasks in the 


George stopped in his tracks, regretting not checking his horoscope. It was a bad day for his master, and he 

had inadvertently stepped on a landmine

The butler ultimately passed the sanitary pads to a maid. Only then did Lucius’s face relaxed somewhat

After taking a soothing, warm bath, Violet finally started feeling a bit relieved. While resting against the bed to catch her breath, she suddenly experienced a warm flow from within her body

Frozen in place, aware that something wasn’t right, she hesitated to move

From outside, a voice called, “Ms. Agatha.” 


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A maid approached, presenting a bag to her and mentioning, Mr. George sent this for you.” 

As the maid let go of the bag, its contents spilled out-an abundance of sanitary pads

The sheer quantity shocked Violet; there was enough to last for months

She wondered if George knew about her menstrual cycle, or if it was Lucius who had instructed George to deliver these. The thought lingered, but she didn’t dare to inquire

The idea of someone as dignified as Lucius concerning himself with her menstrual needs seemed farfetched

Little did Violet know that man had done the unthinkable

With the situation demanding immediate attention, Violet quickly used one of the pads, resolving the immediate issue. She cleaned up, felt obliged to thank George, and headed downstairs

George was busy overseeing the other servants downstairs

Lucius was seated remotely on the firstfloor balcony, lounging in his chair like a king

Violet intentionally took a roundabout route to avoid him

Catching a glimpse of Violet sneaking past him towards George, Lucius’s face darkened

Violet, indifferent to his reaction, approached George to express her heartfelt thanks, Thank you, George.” 


Before George could reply, Lucius’s voice rang out

Luciusstern expression perplexed Violet, who turned to face him. Recalling their previous interactions, she 

instinctively recoiled, fearful of offending him

Lucius observed her reaction, growing even more irritated. He didn’t realize how perplexed he was by his own 


Aren’t you supposed to be attending to Grandma right now? What are you doing wandering around?” 

I’m heading there now!Violet quickly replied

Lucius, known for his unyielding anger, was not easily pacified. Violet promptly followed his orders, heading 


His anger hadn’t subsided, and he declared, From now on, you’ll be by Grandma’s side 

around the clock. A single slip, and you’ll face severe consequences!” 

She then reassured the nurse, You can take a break. I’ll handle everything from here.” 

With Lucius’s command fresh in her mind, she was vigilant not to falter in her duties

In the dead of night, Regina stirred and nudged Violet, who was fighting to stay awake, avoiding leaning on 

anything to prevent falling asleep

Grandma?Violet asked, rubbing her sleepy eyes


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Regina, concerned about Lucius, said, It’s late. Lucius might have uncovered himself again. I need to check on him.” 

Violet quickly dissuaded her, Grandma, your health isn’t good. You need to stay in bed.” 

Despite Regina’s frailty, Violet admired her enduring care for Lucius

Lucius might catch a cold without his blanket,Regina mumbled sleepily, still thinking of Lucius as a child.” Can you check on him and make sure he’s covered?” 

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/16/2024 Native Language: English
Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian ) Agatha.”“I’m not Agatha.”“Where’s the baby?”“There’s no baby.”“You aborted the baby?! How could you?!”“I’m not Agatha, and there’s no baby.”“Agatha…”  

Love Addiction Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

  Violet Wickham knew very clearly that she did not have amnesia, but for some reason, this man just kept thinking that she was Agatha River post-plastic surgery. He somehow even proved that they were once in a relationship. Violet fought back, but she was never able to escape from Lucius Davis’s control. She became his Agatha and had to accept the love meant for the beloved woman he had punished but lost. As time passed, she slowly forgot that she was Violet Wickham and loved Lucius with her heart and soul. But one day, he suddenly said, “I just got news. You’re not Agatha. You can leave whenever you want now.”   Chapter 0001 At the edge of the city, far from the noise and commotion, stood a massive city wall supporting a castle-like structure. Here lay Imperial Palace, a place shrouded in mystery. Behind it was an endless forest, while in front was a beautiful, shimmering lake. Cold… A young woman curled up as she hugged herself tightly on the finely embroidered carpet made by top Lussian craftsmen. She wore a white dress with puffed sleeves that beautifully fit her body


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