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Love Addiction Chapter 72

Chapter 0072 

After a moment of hesitation, Violet picked up the jacket and quietly exited the room

Holding the jacket, she made her way to Lucius’s room, telling herself she was merely returning it, and gently 

knocked on the door

After a prolonged silence, assuming Lucius wasn’t there, she turned to leave

But then, the door suddenly opened. She felt a strong grip on her waist, and she was swiftly pulled inside

Caught completely by surprise, Violet was pulled into the room without a chance to react

In the dimly lit room, Violet struggled to see clearly. The man’s hot breath was scorching against her face, the 

intensity was almost overwhelming. His strong arms pinned her shoulders to the wall, the heat from his palm 

radiating through her


She attempted to lift the jacket

Lucius interrupted her by leaning in to kiss her


Startled, her eyes widened in disbelief, barely discerning his silhouette. His body was tense, and his kiss was 

assertive. To prevent her from resisting, he even went so far as to grip her wrists, restricting her movements

Initially, his kiss seemed like a form of retribution. But as their lips met, he found her unexpectedly sweet

intensifying the kiss until a sharp pain on his tongue and the taste of blood brought him back to reality

He withdrew abruptly

Violet, seizing the moment, tried to push him away but found herself weak, sliding down instead

Clutching her chest, she gasped for air, grateful she had bitten him, or else she might have suffocated

I just cameto return your jacket,she managed to say after catching her breath

Her panting seemed to aggravate Lucius’s anger

He lifted her to his eye level, saying accusingly, Choosing this time and in that dress to return my jacket, don’t 

pretend you had no other motives.” 

Violet remained silent, knowing he wouldn’t believe her lack of ulterior motives

Eventually, Lucius calmed and released her, proposing, What do you want? I admit you’ve caught my interest 

again. You won’t be treated the same as before, but you can stay in my bed until I find someone else.” 

To some, this might seem like an opportunity; but for Violet, it was an insult

She responded with a cold laugh. Not everyone is eager to be in your bed. Don’t flatter yourself!” 


+15 BONOS 

Violet threw the jacket at him and left the room

Outside, a breeze greeted her. It wasn’t cold, but she wrapped her arms around herself tightly

Why did his words stir such distress in her? Had she unwittingly fallen for Lucius too

Violet firmly covered her head as the thought occurred to her

How could she possibly harbor feelings for him? This was the man who had forced her into

role she resented, who had belittled, attacked, and confined hershe was supposed to despise him

Despite her inner turmoil, Violet continued wearing the stylish clothes to please Regina, but she made

conscious effort to steer clear of Lucius, ensuring their paths seldom crossed

Lucius, on his part, appeared unconcerned with Violet, his attention solely on his grandmother

His interactions with Violet were purely functional, speaking to her only as a master would to a servant

Violet was resigned to this state of affairs, recognizing that any deeper connection with Lucius was out of the 


After attending Regina, Violet headed downstairs to eat. The hot weather had sapped her appetite, so she 

requested a chilled fruit salad from the chef

Refreshing as it was, the cold dish had unexpected consequences

Violet had overlooked the fact that it was the day her menstrual cycle was due

Within half an hour, she was wracked with severe abdominal pain. She struggled to ascend the stairs, finally collapsing in agony in a secluded part.of the house

After what felt like an eternity, she heard Lucius’s voice say, Why are you here like this?” 

Barely conscious of his presence, Violet leaned weakly against the wall, unable to raise her head

I’ll take care of Grandma shortly,she whispered, her voice quivering in an attempt to sound composed

Lucius, seeing her pale, sweatsoaked face and feeling her alarmingly cold body, grew concerned

What’s wrong with you?he demanded

It’s nothing,she replied, shaking her head and trying to squat down again

Lucius, refusing to let her, insisted on an explanation

Reluctantly, Violet admitted, I ate something cold.” 

You’ve had cold dishes here before!” 

His implication that she might be exaggerating mortified her. Violet had to explain, It’s usually fine, but not 

right before my period.” 

Knowing this, you still ate it?” 


+15 BONOS 

His shout echoed in her ears. Before she could respond, Lucius had swept her up and was carrying her away

Luciusshe murmured

He said nothing, taking her to her room and laying her on the bed

Once she was settled, he asked, What do you need?” 

Embarrassed, Violet turned away and muttered, I needsanitary pads.” 

Lucius’s face darkened

He left the room abruptly, the door slamming shut behind him

Curling up on the bed, Violet clutched her stomach, realizing how awkward her request must have seemed to a man as proud as Lucius

She had intended to wait until the pain subsided before getting the pads herself

Meanwhile, Lucius strode downstairs, nearly bumping into George, who quickly stepped aside to avoid him

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/16/2024 Native Language: English
Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian ) Agatha.”“I’m not Agatha.”“Where’s the baby?”“There’s no baby.”“You aborted the baby?! How could you?!”“I’m not Agatha, and there’s no baby.”“Agatha…”  

Love Addiction Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

  Violet Wickham knew very clearly that she did not have amnesia, but for some reason, this man just kept thinking that she was Agatha River post-plastic surgery. He somehow even proved that they were once in a relationship. Violet fought back, but she was never able to escape from Lucius Davis’s control. She became his Agatha and had to accept the love meant for the beloved woman he had punished but lost. As time passed, she slowly forgot that she was Violet Wickham and loved Lucius with her heart and soul. But one day, he suddenly said, “I just got news. You’re not Agatha. You can leave whenever you want now.”   Chapter 0001 At the edge of the city, far from the noise and commotion, stood a massive city wall supporting a castle-like structure. Here lay Imperial Palace, a place shrouded in mystery. Behind it was an endless forest, while in front was a beautiful, shimmering lake. Cold… A young woman curled up as she hugged herself tightly on the finely embroidered carpet made by top Lussian craftsmen. She wore a white dress with puffed sleeves that beautifully fit her body


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