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Love Addiction Chapter 74

Chapter 0074 

Violet agreed to Regina’s request, knowing she wouldn’t rest otherwise

Just take a photo afterward,Regina added

Violet was surprised by Regina’s request because she had only intended to appease her. She hesitated, unsure how to proceed

Quickly, before he gets cold,Regina urged

Urged by Regina, Violet hesitantly approached Lucius’s room, secretly hoping the door would be locked, giving her an excuse to retreat. However, to her astonishment, the door swung 

open with ease

The room was dominated by an imposing kingsize bed, bathed in the glow of an elegant courtstyle bedside lamp, reminiscent of a blooming floral arrangement.. 

The gentle yellow illumination cast a soft light on Lucius’s face, which, in slumber, appeared serene and prince 

-like, straight out of a fairy tale

His sleeping form was the picture of grace, as though refined through countless rehearsals

The blanket rested just below his chest, his hands poised atop it

Taking a cautious breath, Violet moved closer, delicately extracting the blanket from under his arm to drape it over him, all the while holding her breath, anxious not to disturb his rest

Little did she know, Lucius, ever vigilant, had awakened upon her entrance yet chose to keep his eyes shut

As Violet leaned forward, wrestling with the blanket, Lucius abruptly opened his eyes. Violet, taken aback, found herself frozen under his piercing gaze, her lips slightly parted in shock, unable to speak

The soft yellow light shone on her head, illuminating her hair, which cascaded down and fell onto his chest. Some strands teasingly touched his neck and Adam’s apple

He swallowed hard, his eyes drawn to her tender lips. He imagined they would be sweet

Yielding to this temptation, Lucius impulsively pressed his arm against her back, pulling her down

Surprised, Violet lost her balance and tumbled onto him. Before she could gather her wits, he captured her lips 

in a fervent kiss

The kiss was as sweet as he had envisioned, compelling him to deepen it even further

Violet, coming to her senses, struggled to push him away. But Lucius held her firmly, one hand securing the back of her head, the other lingering on her back

Her petite frame was no match for his strength. Her resistance only fueled Lucius’s ardor, turning their 

embrace into a tempest of passion


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Inevitably, Violet found herself beneath him, feeling the heat of his body igniting her own

At last, Lucius regained his composure, reigning in his intense desire

It wasn’t that he deliberately wanted to suppress his desire; rather, he had felt the sanitary pad she was 


He smacked her waist fiercely, then stood up abruptly with an angry look on his face

Lucius left Violet lying there, her face flushed a deep red, resembling a ripe tomato

Her skin always reddened when her emotions were heightened, a response Lucius found appealing as it 

affirmed her allure

Why are you just lying there? Do you want me to continue?he barked, his tone harsh despite his earlier 


Like a deflated balloon, she swiftly rose and hurried out. In her haste, she knocked over several items, causing 

a noisy disturbance

Lucius watched her hasty departure; the aftermath of the chaos she left behind brought an unexpected sense 

of satisfaction to him, prompting a smile

Returning to Regina’s room, Violet realized she hadn’t completed her intended task. She had lost the phone Regina had given her for taking pictures

Confused, she reasoned, LLucius wasn’t asleep, so I couldn’t take a photo

This wasn’t entirely untrue, as Lucius had initially been asleep but woke up later

Regina didn’t press for more details, but her gaze lingered on Violet’s flushed face and swollen lips, understanding the situation. Despite keeping a straight face, Regina was secretly amused

If that’s the case, then don’t worry about him,Regina said, making room in her bed. Come sleep here.” 

That wouldn’t be right!” 

Violet hesitated, concerned about Lucius’s reaction and worried she might not be alert to Regina’s needs if 

she fell asleep

I don’t like having someone standing over me as I sleep. Plus, it’s easier to call on you if you’re close,Regina insisted, clearly concerned for Violet, who showed signs of fatigue

Feeling obligated, Violet joined Regina in bed, noting the coldness of the bed due to Regina’s poor health. She held the elderly woman’s hand close, providing warmth

The comfort of the bed soon lulled Violet into a deep sleep

Early the next morning, Lucius visited Regina’s room and saw Violet there, curled up under the blanket, gently holding Regina’s hand

Her delicate appearance and slender figure were even more pronounced in the soft morning light

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/16/2024 Native Language: English
Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian ) Agatha.”“I’m not Agatha.”“Where’s the baby?”“There’s no baby.”“You aborted the baby?! How could you?!”“I’m not Agatha, and there’s no baby.”“Agatha…”  

Love Addiction Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

  Violet Wickham knew very clearly that she did not have amnesia, but for some reason, this man just kept thinking that she was Agatha River post-plastic surgery. He somehow even proved that they were once in a relationship. Violet fought back, but she was never able to escape from Lucius Davis’s control. She became his Agatha and had to accept the love meant for the beloved woman he had punished but lost. As time passed, she slowly forgot that she was Violet Wickham and loved Lucius with her heart and soul. But one day, he suddenly said, “I just got news. You’re not Agatha. You can leave whenever you want now.”   Chapter 0001 At the edge of the city, far from the noise and commotion, stood a massive city wall supporting a castle-like structure. Here lay Imperial Palace, a place shrouded in mystery. Behind it was an endless forest, while in front was a beautiful, shimmering lake. Cold… A young woman curled up as she hugged herself tightly on the finely embroidered carpet made by top Lussian craftsmen. She wore a white dress with puffed sleeves that beautifully fit her body


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