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Love Addiction Chapter 75

Chapter 0075 

Lucius’s mood darkened again as he observed Violet, who consistently seemed to avoid him like a timid mouse avoiding a cat, yet behaved differently around others

He cleared his throat loudly to announce his presence

Halfasleep, Violet was startled awake by the sound and was immediately confronted by Lucius’s cold and stern face

She quickly sat up, nearly throwing Regina’s hand out of the bed, but managed to gently place it back under the covers

Violet tried to be as quiet as possible to avoid disturbing Regina, yet Lucius could still detect her 

cautiousness towards him

I’m sorry,she offered a timid apology

It wasn’t a big deal; Lucius understood that without Regina’s permission, Violet wouldn’t have been in that 


Yet he expressed his displeasure, and questioned her sense of propriety. Sleeping in just any bed? Haven’t 

figured out your place yet?” 

Feeling selfconscious about her place in Lucius’s eyes and about sleeping in Regina’s bed, Violet’s head 


If it were a man in this bed, would it matter to you?Even though Lucius was oblivious to his underlying resentment, his remarks were filled with a concealed sting

Violet blinked, perplexed and unable to understand his argument. Was it her sharing Regina’s bed that disturbed him, or the concept that she’d sleep in anyone’s bed

Lucius, irritated by her innocent expression, commanded coldly, Go outside and weed the garden!” 

Violet looked at Regina before leaving, as told

Later, when Regina awoke to find Lucius beside her, she was overjoyed and conversed eagerly

Lucius, usually impatient, showed endless tolerance for Regina. He patiently listened to her, not showing any 

sign of annoyance

Where’s Vivi?Regina eventually noticed Violet’s absence; she knew Violet was always nearby and unlikely to 

be avoiding her duties

She turned to look at Lucius

I sent her to weed the garden,Lucius acknowledged, somewhat hesitantly. Today, I’ll keep you company.” 

Regina peered outside and noticed a little figure, nearly swallowed up by the vast grass field

She didn’t protest Lucius’s arrangement, but said casually, I heard the temperature outside is going to exceed 


+15 BONOS 

Lucius’s brow twisted slightly, but he offered no response to her remark

It looks like it’s going to get even hotter, maybe hitting fifty degrees. That kind of heat could practically roast someone,” Regina halfjoked, commenting on the extreme temperatures. At the very least, it’d get to medium rare.” 

Lucius clinched his brows and gazed out the window

The house, situated on the plains, meant the sun rose early. While the air conditioning kept the room comfortable, the outside world blazed under the scorching sun

He made no move to call Violet back inside. He believed she was sensible enough to avoid unnecessary 

suffering and would return once the heat became unbearable

Lucius wasn’t known for his leniency

Violet, on the other hand, seemed undeterred by the scorching sun. Her handweeding process was slow

making it look like she hadn’t moved at all

Lucius fiddled with his cuffs, becoming increasingly irritated. He got to his feet, and said, I’ll get you 

something to eat.” 

Under normal circumstances, a mere word from him would have had the servants bring the food, yet he chose 

to go out himself

George was right outside the door, always ready to attend to Lucius

Master Lucius?” 

He intended to ask if Lucius required anything. Without asking George to fetch the food, Lucius continued 

outside, with George following him

The view from downstairs was more expansive due to bulletproof glass walls that provided an unobstructed 

view of the outside

Lucius’s expression grew more stern. As he took a lunch tray upstairs, he told George, Tell Agatha the temperature will rise to fifty today.” 

George maintained a neutral expression, standing by respectfully, ready for further instructions

Lucius, however, was already on his way upstairs

Left to his own thoughts, George contemplated Lucius’s motive for sending such a message to Violet. Despite his intelligence, he couldn’t deduce Lucius’s intentions. Despite that, he faithfully conveyed the message to 

Violet as instructed

Violet, who was nearly sunburned to a charred outside, exhaled heavily when she heard George’s message

and muttered, That explains it.” 

George then went back inside

What was her response?Lucius asked George after Regina had finished her porridge


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George, after a brief thought, answered honestly, Ms. Agatha said, That explains it.” 

And what exactly does that explain?Lucius pressed

She didn’t elaborate,George replied

Lucius locked his sight on him, as if his penetrating glance could physically harm George

George brushed away his sweat, becoming increasingly bewildered by Luciuserratic mood swings

If that’s the case, let her stay out in the sun!Lucius thought, wishing she would just bake out there. In a fit of rage, he hurriedly ascended the stairs

George observed Lucius’s departure, slowly realizing something. He wondered if Lucius had rekindled his feelings for Agatha. In his eyes, Agatha had a certain charm that seemed to soften Lucius’s edges

This led George to consider whether it was time to address a certain issue

Knowing it was futile to hide anything from Lucius, George understood it was only a matter of time before Lucius discovered any secrets

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/16/2024 Native Language: English
Love Addiction: Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian ) Agatha.”“I’m not Agatha.”“Where’s the baby?”“There’s no baby.”“You aborted the baby?! How could you?!”“I’m not Agatha, and there’s no baby.”“Agatha…”  

Love Addiction Doting On My Love by Wendy ( Lussian )

  Violet Wickham knew very clearly that she did not have amnesia, but for some reason, this man just kept thinking that she was Agatha River post-plastic surgery. He somehow even proved that they were once in a relationship. Violet fought back, but she was never able to escape from Lucius Davis’s control. She became his Agatha and had to accept the love meant for the beloved woman he had punished but lost. As time passed, she slowly forgot that she was Violet Wickham and loved Lucius with her heart and soul. But one day, he suddenly said, “I just got news. You’re not Agatha. You can leave whenever you want now.”   Chapter 0001 At the edge of the city, far from the noise and commotion, stood a massive city wall supporting a castle-like structure. Here lay Imperial Palace, a place shrouded in mystery. Behind it was an endless forest, while in front was a beautiful, shimmering lake. Cold… A young woman curled up as she hugged herself tightly on the finely embroidered carpet made by top Lussian craftsmen. She wore a white dress with puffed sleeves that beautifully fit her body


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