Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 57

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 57

Chapter 57 

Megan felt utterly humiliated

To her Sullivan made it clear that even with the title of Mrs. Lowry, she was nothing more than a vessel for his carnal release, an exclusive plaything. He had never shown her an ounce of respect

In his eyes, she was like a cheap streetwalker

Within the hundred square meter space of the media room, Megan’s pitiful pleas mingled with Sullivan’s satisfied grunts. He hadn’t felt this good in a long time

Sullivan looked down at Megan. He couldn’t see her face and felt unsatisfied, so he gently tugged her hair, tilting her head to kiss her

Megan was dazed, passively occupied by him. In her hand was a paring knife she had grabbed in her struggle. She felt desolate and absurd

And she knew that once she left this room, she’d return to her former life as the seemingly respectable, yet utterly devoid of self, Mrs. Lowry. Perhaps Sullivan would keep her confined at home, hidden away like some shameful secret 

Megan didn’t want that. She didn’t want to go back, nor did she want Cora to end up behind bars. She was out of optionsWhen Sullivan was 

was pushed away, he was caught off guard! He looked at Megan in astonishment; they were both in a state of disgrace! Megan knelt on the sofa, clutching the paring knife. Even with trembling hands, she held it firmly as if the insignificant blade could protect her

Sullivan’s eyes, once filled with lust, tumed cold

Of course, his interest had waned 

He casually zipped up his pants, sneering at her, Mrs. Lowry, planning to murder your husband with that? Do you even have the guts?” Megan’s face was pale. Her lips quivered as she stared at Sullivan

Sullivan, you won’t believe anything I say, will you? I never meant to hurt you, and I really did enter room 6201 by mistake. Do you think! plotted all along to become Mrs. Lowry?” 

Sullivan was silent

Silence sometimes equates to acquiescence

Megan suddenly laughed, a laugh filled with bitterness. Yes! You really don’t have to believe me! So, Sullivan, can I atone now? Can i use my life to make amends for past mistakes, for my youthful ignorance, for having loved you so much?” 

The knife’s point turned towards herself

The cold 

edge sliced through. Her tender wrist was stained with fresh blood, dripping drop by drop

Soon a bloodstain spread across the carpet.. 

It was a horrific sight

Sullivan was stunned; he hadn’t expected Megan to do this! He took a step towards her, but she retreated. Seemingly oblivious to the pain in her wrist, unaware that losing so much blood could kill her, she still smiled, asking him, Sullivan, is this enough? If not, I can continue to atone until you are satisfied.” 

She cut into her arm time and again without hesitation, the girl who once feared pain seemed to no longer know what it felt like. Sullivan watched her determined expression. He knew that if he didn’t compromise, Megan could bleed out right there and then, as she clearly had no fear of death

Apart from shock, perhaps something else was shaking his soul, stirring within him….. 

Finally, Sullivan heard his own voice of concession, Fine! I’ll have the Baldwin family drop the charges. Cora can go home tonight.” 

The paring knife clattered to the floor, Megan fainted from blood loss, collapsing onto the couch, her body covered in blood

It was an image Sullivan would never forget 

When Megan awoke, it was two in the morning

The light was soft, the walls pristine white, with a faint scent of antiseptic in the air

She was in the highend ward of Lowry Hospital


Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

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Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call" Married for three years, Sullivan Lowry had treated Megan like an old shoe while cherishing his mistress like a gem. He ignored, mistreated, and abused her, making their marriage feel more like a prison..

Missing Mrs. Lowry The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Sullivan! Until one stormy night, he abandoned a pregnant Megan to go overseas with his mistress. As Megan lay on the floor bleeding, she crawled to call for an ambulance… Only then did she understand that someone’s heart could never be

warmed. Megan drafted a divorce agreement and quietly left.

Two years later, Megan returned home, attracting a host of suitors. However, her ex-husband, Sullivan, pinned her against the door, growing increasingly desperate, “Mrs. Lowry, I didn’t sign the divorce agreement yet! Don’t think about being with someone else!”


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