Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 58

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call Chapter 58

Chapter 58 

The hospital room was far from quiet. Two doctors were speaking with Sullivan at the bedside 

She’s lost a lot of blood!” 

Look after the transfusion of 800 milliliters, she’s out of danger. It’s up to Mrs. Lowry when she wants to wake up Yes, Mrs. Lowry’s will to pull through doesn’t seem very strong right now” 

By tomorrow moming at the latest. If she doesn’t come around by dawn, I suggest a fullbody workup for Mrs. Lowry.” 

After a short while, the doctors left 

Sullivan saw them out and upon closing the door, turned to see Megan stiming

Her delicate face rested against the crisp, white pillow

Her hair loosely spread over the pillowcase, the hospital gown hung slack on her, adding a fragile beauty to her convalescent state

Sullivan watched quietly for a few seconds before approaching. He sat down beside the bed, his tone gentle, You’ve been out for five hours! Hungry? I can have something brought in for you” 

Megan buned her face deeper into the pillow

She didn’t want to look at him or talk to him 

Sullivan knew what was on her mind and said calmly, Cora’s been released. She’s over at Pinecrest Hospital now. Megan, you don’t have to say a word to me, but I don’t think you want your parents to find out what happened tonight.” 

Finally, Megan asked, Cora’s back?” 

Sullivan caressed her pale cheek mockingly as he said, If she hadn’t come back, I might have been a widower by now!” 

Megan tumed her face away in distress

Sullivan had his fun and withdrew his hand, dialing the internal line to order a meal. Then he poured Megan a glass of water

Sit up and have some water.” 

But Megan was too weak. She couldn’t sit up on her own, so after watching her struggle, Sullivan gently supported her against his shoulder 

Through the thin layer of his shirt, Megan could smell a mixture of his masculine scent and a faint, disturbing fragrance the remnants of their earlier intimacy.. 

That scent was 

as unbearable for Megan

It brought back memories of being pressed against the couch by Sullivan, the indignity of the act not the first of its kind since their marriage, but this time it felt particularly humiliating

What are you thinking about?” 

Sullivan set aside the glass and gently pinched her chin to force her to look at him

A blush crept across Megan’s pale face

Suddenly, Sullivan guessed her thoughts

His fingers lightly traced her velvet lips, his voice dropping to a husky whisper, it’s not like we haven’t done it on the couch before. Back then, you didn’t seem to mind the position.” 

More than not minding, from his perspective, she always seemed particularly responsive in that position, often bringing him to the brink unexpectedly

As a married couple, he felt entitled to bring it up

Megan wanted to avoid the topic. She turned her face into the pillow, her voice barely above a whisper, I’d like to rest now” 

There was a knock on the door

Sullivan watched Megan’s face for a moment before answering it

Bianca stood at the door. As Sullivany executive assistant, delivering meals in the dead of night was certainly beneath her pay grade But given the scandalous nature of tonight’s events, the entire ward at the Lowry Hospital was on lockdown

No one knew that the wife of the Lowry Group CEO had been admitted for selfharm 

Blanca couldn’t come in, either 

Sullivan took the items and closed the door 


Bianca lingered at the doorway. She stared at the door, Inst in thought. Although she hadn’t seen what had transpired, she could imagine. the extent of it. Moreover from their bnet encounter just now, she could detect a faint scent of intimacy on Sullivan

They had been together at the hotel. And she couldn’t help but wonder, just how intense had their confrontation been for Megan to 

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

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Missing Mrs. Lowry: The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call" Married for three years, Sullivan Lowry had treated Megan like an old shoe while cherishing his mistress like a gem. He ignored, mistreated, and abused her, making their marriage feel more like a prison..

Missing Mrs. Lowry The Billionaire’s Wakeup Call

Sullivan! Until one stormy night, he abandoned a pregnant Megan to go overseas with his mistress. As Megan lay on the floor bleeding, she crawled to call for an ambulance… Only then did she understand that someone’s heart could never be

warmed. Megan drafted a divorce agreement and quietly left.

Two years later, Megan returned home, attracting a host of suitors. However, her ex-husband, Sullivan, pinned her against the door, growing increasingly desperate, “Mrs. Lowry, I didn’t sign the divorce agreement yet! Don’t think about being with someone else!”


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