Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 109

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle Chapter 109

Chapter 109 

Sofia cradled the mug of tea in her hands, the warmth sceping into her chilled skin. Her eyes darted nervously towards the bathroom door, where the murmur of voices and the sterile scent of disinfectant told her the paramedics were tending to Miss Amores

Each ciang of a dropped instrument or muffled curse sent a fresh jolt of adrenaline through her. The echo of the gunshot that sounded sharp and final still reverberated in her ears. It was deafening

She took a small sip of the tea and then winced at its bitterness. Nothing tasted right. The world felt muted, and the vibrant colors of the living room dulled to a washedout 


Her gaze drifted to the spot on the floor where Lawrence had crumpled, the memory of his lifeless eyes sending a fresh wave of nausea churning in her stomach. He was gone, a monster eliminated, but at what cost

The metallic tang of blood that was faint but unmistakable lingered in the air. Miss Amores. Was she going to be alright? The image of the secretary, pale and wounded, flashed in Sofia’s mind

Had she done the right thing? The question hammered at her, a relentless drumbeat against the backdrop of the approaching sirens. Relief warred with a chilling sense of dread

Just as her mind was about to spiral, she felt a warm hand over hers. Her gaze immediately turned towards Alexander. He is going to livehis gaze was kind and gentle. For a moment, she recalled what Lawrence told her. But there is a probability that he might be disabled.” 

Sofia nodded without saying a word. Somehow, his hand around hers felt warmer. She quite liked it

Come hereAlexander said as he pulled her towards his chest. I’m sorry” 

Sofia said nothing as she bathed herself in his familiar and comforting smell. She closed her eyes as she thought about everything that happened. If Alexander did not arrivewhat would have happened? The police informed her that there was a car waiting for Lawrence outside

Apparently, the driver was Min- Lawrence’s son. He was able to fool everyone by going abroad and quietly coming back to help his father escape. Luckily, he was arrested too


17:16 FO 

Chapter 109 

However, this was not the only news that they received as Min and Charlotte’s mother 

Lianne had been found dead in another motel in California just that morning. Sofia thought that the woman left the States. She was wrong

A choked sob escaped her lips, startling even herself. Alexander tightened his hold, his silence a comforting weight against her back. He didn’t need to say anything. He understood the storm brewing within her

He tightened his hold on her, his silence felt like a powerful language that spoke volumes. He understood. The news about Lianne was just another layer on a horrifying cake, but it wasn’t the grief for a woman she barely knew that caused the dam to break

It was the weight of everything. The terror, the adrenaline, the splitsecond decision that had altered the very fabric of her reality. A fresh wave of nausea washed over her, and a tremor ran through her body. Tears welled up in her eyes, hot and stinging, blurring the world around her. She buried her face in Alexander’s chest

It’s okay,he murmured, his voice rough with emotion. You’re okay now. You’re safe.” 

The tears spilled over, hot and silent, soaking the front of his shirt. She clung to him, her body shaking with the aftershocks of trauma

Sadly, there were no words for what she felt. She had survived, yes, but at what cost? The echo of the gunshot reverberated in her ears, a constant reminder of the line she had crossed

But in that moment, wrapped in Alexander’s embrace, surrounded by the comforting rhythm of his heartbeat, she allowed herself to surrender to the raw emotion. He held her close like a silent pillar as she sobbed

The world outside might be a mess, the future uncertain, but for now, in the haven of his arms, she could let go. The tears would come again, the nightmares too, but for now, she had this a moment of solace, a shared breath, a flicker of hope that she could 

face what came next

Suddenly, the bathroom door creaked open, immediately drawing their attention. A young paramedic stepped out

Ms. Sofia, Mr. Beaumonthe said gently. The ambulance is ready for your friend. She’s lost some blood, but she’ll be alright with treatment.” 

Relief washed over Sofia, a wave so fierce it almost knocked her off her feet. Miss Amores would be okay. A flicker of guilt pricked at her conscience. Amidst the chaos, she hadn’t even considered the toll the ordeal must have taken on the secretary


Chapter 109 

Thank you,she managed to choke out, her voice thick with emotion

The paramedic nodded curtly and turned to help Miss Amores, who emerged from the bathroom with the help of the paramedics

Not long after, Sofia found herself in Alexander’s arms as he carried her out of the flat. This time, she did not ask where they were going or ask for him to stop carrying her as she was perfectly capable of walking. Instead, she buried her face on his neck and closed her eyes

She stayed in his arms until they arrived in his car and left the area

The next thing that Sofia knew, she was already drifting off to sleep

When she woke up, Sofia found herself in an unfamiliar room. Instead, a soft golden glow filled the room, filtering in through the floralpatterned curtains. The sunlight outside cast a warm, dappled effect across the ceiling, dancing playfully with the dust motes swirling in the air

She was tucked beneath a quilt that felt impossibly soft, the woven pattern a kaleidoscope of calming blues and lavenders. The air held a faint scent of lavender and chamomile, a soothing aroma that instantly put her at ease. Her gaze drifted around the room, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings

The walls were painted a pale cream, adorned with simple botanical prints delicate watercolors of wildflowers and ferns

A plush armchair sat tucked in a corner, a knitted throw draped casually over its back. The sunlight streamed through the large window, illuminating a bookshelf overflowing with worn paperbacks and a few framed photographs

A low rumble suddenly erupted from her stomach, shattering the peaceful silence. Sofia flushed, embarrassed by the sudden noise. Just then, a delicious aroma wafted into the room. Her stomach grumbled again, a much louder protest this time

A chuckle sounded from the doorway, and Sofia turned to see Alexander leaning against the doorframe, a smile playing on his lips. He held a tray piled high with golden brown pancakes drizzled with warm syrup and topped with a mountain of fresh berries

Someone seems to be awake,he said, his voice warm with amusement. And apparently quite hungry.” 

Sofia’s cheeks burned even hotter. I, uhshe stammered, unsure of what to say. He 


1716 10, 12 

Chapter 109 

was wearing a simple white shirt and sweatpants yet, he looked like a model just casually walking out of a magazine

Was it the lighting of the room

Alexander raised an eyebrow playfully. Come on,he said, setting the tray down on a small table beside the bed. Let’s get you some breakfast. You deserve a feast,he said

A slow smile spread across her face. The exhaustion still clung to her like a shadow, but for the first time since the ordeal, a flicker of normalcy, of comfort, sparked within her. She sat up 

in bed, leaning against the plush headboard

However, before she could say another word, Alexander suddenly held a fork towards her with a slice of pancake. Say ah?he said

Almost immediately, the peaceful environment shattered

Sofia stared at the fork, then at Alexander, his face alight with playful mischief. Her mind, still sluggish from sleep, struggled to catch up. Sayah?she echoed, completely bewildered

Come on now,he teased, jiggling the fork in front of her nose. Open wide. You wouldn’t want these delicious pancakes to get cold, would you?” 

Sofia blinked, the absurdity of the situation finally dawning on her. A choked laugh escaped her lips, quickly turning into a fullblown fit of giggles. Here she was, exhausted, traumatized, and possibly facing a lifetime of repercussions, yet Alexander was trying to feed her pancakes like a child

Oh my god,she gasped between giggles, wiping tears from her eyes. You are unbelievable!” 

Alexander’s playful grin faltered slightly. Hey, I was trying to be nice! You looked like you could use some cheering up.” 

Sofia’s laughter subsided into a contented sigh. You are nice,she admitted, a genuine smile gracing her lips. It was the first real smile she’d managed since the ordeal, and it felt like a tiny ray of sunshine breaking through the storm clouds that had been hanging over her

And handsome too,he uttered, his face serious. Any woman would be lucky to have me. Now, open wide. These pancakes aren’t going to eat themselves.” 

Hesitantly, Sofia leaned forward and took a bite. The warm, fluffy pancake drizzled with sweet syrup instantly brought a smile back to her face. Maybe, just maybe, amidst the 

Chapter Inn 

chaos, there was still room for a little kindness, a little normaley

See?Alexander said triumphantly, Delicious, right? I even snuck in some blucherries, your favorite,” 

Sofia chewed thoughtfully, Actuallyshe said, a mischievous glint in her eyes, strawberries are my favorite

Alexander’s face fell comically, Wait, what? ButI spent ages looking for blueberries” 

Sofia burst out laughing again, the sound filling the room with newfound lightness. As she took another bite of the pancake, a delicious combination of sweetness and tartness exploding in her mouth, she knew that the road ahead would be long and possibly difficult. Strangely enough, she didn’t feel heavy at all

Was it because she was with him? Was it because he was her husband

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

Mr. Chairman’s Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/1/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle" Betrayed by both her boyfriend and sister, Sofia Lockhart's world collapses. With her mother's life on the line, a deceitful boyfriend eyeing her wealth, and a sister determined to bring ruin, Sofia finds herself reluctantly thrown into an unforeseen alliance with Alexander Beaumont, the mysterious chairman of the Beaumont Empire.

Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle

  To Alexander Beaumont, tying the knot with Sofia Lockhart seems like a straightforward business move, a deal on paper. One side wants revenge, and the other aims to steer clear of love. The idea of spending endless nights together isn't in the playbook, and neither is getting swept up in her, A Marriage of Convenience Sofia's lips trembled before she clasped the pictures in her hand. The menu before her seemed to blur, the words dancing on the paper like elusive shadows. The soft hum of conversation inside the hushed ambiance of the Japanese restaurant enveloped Sofia like a cocoon. For a few minutes, the room felt almost suffocating.

Mr. Chairman's Devious Wife by Brey Mitchylle


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