Mr. Webb Make Your Move! by Tammy Chapter 18

Mr. Webb Make Your Move! by Tammy Chapter 18

Chapter 18 

Gossip spread like wildfire

no secret among 


unwinding, ended up having to discuss

on the

James, always a bit behind

Lowry leave?” 



Yosef is alright with letting Ms. 

It’s gotta be real. My HR manager even reached out to her. Whether it’s because of her career plans or the fact that I’m friends with Yosef, she rejected our offer.” 

Harper Young shot Yosef a look, seemingly blaming him for getting in the way of his company recruitment

Yosef was dressed in sleek black riding gear. He was perched on a white horse, looking like an aloof heartthrob. He appeared a lot more laidback compared to his usual suitandtie outfit

They were all talking about Zara, but Yosef seemed unbothered and unfazed

Thinking about it, Yosef had always been this way. Years went by with Zara as his one and only, but he never really put her in the spotlight

His friends had discussed before what Zara meant to Yosef

She was definitely not his fiancée, and he had never called her his girlfriend. Mistressdid not quite fit the bill either, since Yosef did not splurge on her the same way they splurged on their flingsfancy cars, swanky homes, and designer bags

Even Beatrice was flaunting a Hermés bag, courtesy of Yosef

Harper, who had known Yosef since they were kids, nailed it when he said Zara was more like

toolto him

Yosef was just a regular guy with needs, and he did not want to waste time dating, so Zara was the woman he sought out

with youp 

Put simply, while Zara was all caught up in the drama of their relationship,Yosef could care less about it

As for Beatrice, even Yosef’s friends could not figure out what made her the exception

The whole hospital debacle had been sorted out, and everyone knew Beatrice had falsely accused Zara. Somehow, Beatrice was still hanging around Yosef like nothing ever happened. His favoritism toward her was kind of mindboggling

Ophite cracked a grin and said, No way it’s because of that. Ms. Lowry knows what’s 





the entire afternoon.

James piped up, Well, then my HR needs to get involved too. A secretary like Ms. Lowry will make my life a breeze. I’ve had my eye on her for ages!” 

Ophite shot Yosef a look and drawled, You guys are slow on the news.‘ 

Harper quirked up an eyebrow. What’s that supposed to mean? You’ve snagged her?” 

Ophite tossed out a question instead, Ever heard of Edward Kingsley?” 

James answered, The heir to Kingsley Catering Group?” 

Yep, that’s the one. I saw him having lunch with Ms. Lowry yesterday.” 

James whistled. Ms. Lowry’s quite the catch, huh” 

Ophite added, It’s not just that. It seems Ms. Lowry hurt her leg or something. He was all gentlemanly, helping her in and out of the car. She didn’t shy away either. They seemed pretty 


Also, Edward posted on social media last night about hitting the jackpot in love and in work.” 

James and Harper shared a knowing look. They then glanced over at Yosef before keeping silent. They all understood

The grassland stretched out endlessly, and they had a blast racing their horses across it until the sun climbed high in the sky. It was time to head back

Yosef hung back, his mood clearly in the dumps. Ophite reined in his horse to ride shoulderto -shoulder with him


Yosef turned to look at him

Ophite Moore was as smooth and cool as the gemstone he was named after. He had the charm and the manners that made the Moore family the undisputed gem royalty

When the Mooresgem mines hit a rough patch, it was Azure Cloud that lent a hand. That was how Ophite and Yosef struck up a friendship, and it was one that went beyond casual chitchat. They could even share secrets

Ophite broke the silence. Ms. Lowry’s been nothing but perfect for the past three years. She’s never slipped up, and she’s been devoted to you. Are you sure you want to call it quits? Honestly, it seems like such a waste.” 

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy Zara Lowry once gave her heart to Yosef Webb, her boss and savior, risking everything in a whirlwind of passion. To him, however, she was nothing more than a reliable cog in his corporate machine..

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy


She was done with that, though.Yosef could not stand Zara's cool-headedness, her logic, her self-sufficiency. Yet, he eventually found the warmth and adoration he longed for in her eyes.Her eyes, however, were looking elsewhere. ***[In this story, neither the hero nor the heroine is perfect. This is not your typical tale of a successful female lead. Yosef is a jerk, but is later changed to become a man who would do anything for love. This is a tale of a tsundere man, and it takes many chapters for the two of them to reconcile.

Chapter 1 Even after Zara Lowry was pushed out of the operating room after the dilation and curettage surgery, she had yet to recover from the shock of her unexpected pregnancy and accidental miscarriage. As the nurse wheeled her into her hospital ward, she asked, "Bed 1703. Zara, is anyone here with you?" Zara's eyes were fixed on the white ceiling, but they were unfocused. It seemed that she did not hear what the nurse said.


Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy


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