Mr. Webb Make Your Move! by Tammy Chapter 20

Mr. Webb Make Your Move! by Tammy Chapter 20

Chapter 20 

Zara quickly stepped in to smooth things over. Mr. Kingsley, you’re here for dinner too, right? You should try the mushroom soup here. It’s pretty good

And about that thing you mentioned to me before, I’m still thinking it over. I’ll get back to you once I’ve decided.” 

Edward, not wanting to make things awkward for her, shot James a look. He then said, Sure, I’ll give the soup a shot. I’ll be waiting for your answer.” 

With that, he walked off to another table with his female companion

Zara turned to James, who blurted out, No, Zara. Don’t think about him; think about me. I mean what I said.” 

Zara raised an eyebrow. What is it?” 

I really want to hire you as my secretary! I’m clueless about running my need you more than anyone else,James confessed with sincerity

dad’s company.

Don’t worry

I’m the kind of boss who doesn’t micromanage. I won’t breathe down your back. With me, you’ll have all the say!” 

Zara had been a little annoyed with him earlier, but his straightforwardness now seemed funny to her. She promised to give his offer some serious thought

on track for

James was over the moon when she said she would consider it. He could not resist snapping a selfie with Zara and sharing it online with a boastful caption: [Looks like I’m jackpot in both love and business!

Zara had no idea how to feel about the rather suggestive post he had made

Ophite, casually scrolling on his phone, came across the post. He arched an eyebrow and showed it to Yosef, who was sitting across from him

Yosef saw the post, but his face gave nothing away

After they finished their meal, James was all pumped up about driving Zara home even though she had already rejected him. He dashed to the parking lot, all set to get his car

Left with no other option, Zara hung around outside the restaurant, waiting for him

She waited and waited, and after more than ten minutes, there was still no sign of James. She was just about to call him when she spotted a police car zooming toward the parking lot. Her heart skipped a beat, and she hurried over to see what was up

What she found was James and Edward, who looked like they had boxed a few rounds, being escorted into separate police cars


Zara was speechless

James caught sight of her and hollered, Ms. Lowry! Call Yosef! Tell him to help me escape!The officer snapped, Escape? Cool it, buddy!” 

Out fell 

Edward chimed in, Ms. Lowry, you have to bail me out. My old man can’t get wind of this!” 

Zara groaned inwardly


Part of her wanted to just walk away and leave them to their mess, but she could not just 

ignore the situation. She did not want to get marked as the woman who caused trouble wherever she went

Chances were, these two had fought because of her, considering the tension between them at 


If their folks got wind of their sons getting into a brawl over a woman and landing in jail, they would probably come after her without batting an eye. They might even kick her out of Starville to nip any conflict in the bud

Having been around Yosef and his world of wealth and power for three years, she knew all too well that money made the world go round

She had to stop this before it blew up into something bigger

Finally, she picked up her phone and called Ophite

Zara had the numbers of all Yosef’s pals since she was once the goto for his daytoday stuff. She reached out to Ophite because, in her eyes, he was the only standup guy in the bunch

After all, he was still with his high school sweetheart and they had never once called it quits

What she had not seen coming was Yosef tagging along with Ophite to the police station

Spotting the two guys stepping out of their car at the station’s front door caught her off guard. She had been ready to stride up to Ophite, but she paused as she was thrown by Yosef’s 


Where they had come from was anyone’s guess. They were both dressed in casual clothes. Yosef was as usualcool, detached, tough to read

Zara was not about to try to figure him out. She just nodded to one of them. Mr. Moore.‘ 

Ophite closed the gap between them in a few quick steps. Ms. Lowry, with that leg of yours, there’s no need to push yourself. I’ve got this.” 

The station had a huge staircase in front, and it looked like a pain for Zara to climb it

Grateful, Zara gave a nod. She bit her lip before adding, The guy who fought with Mr. Sate is 

She dug into her bag, pulled out her bank card, and said, For the bail. The PIN’s all eights.” 

Ophite gave a quirk of his brow and nudged her card back to her. Leave it to me.” 

With that, he went up the stairs

Yosef clearly was not planning to go inside. Out of the blue, he said, You summoned Ophite for James, and now you’re bailing out Edward too. Playing both sides so you don’t tick anyone off, huh? No wonder you managed to make two guys fight o

ver you.” 

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/6/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy Zara Lowry once gave her heart to Yosef Webb, her boss and savior, risking everything in a whirlwind of passion. To him, however, she was nothing more than a reliable cog in his corporate machine..

Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy


She was done with that, though.Yosef could not stand Zara's cool-headedness, her logic, her self-sufficiency. Yet, he eventually found the warmth and adoration he longed for in her eyes.Her eyes, however, were looking elsewhere. ***[In this story, neither the hero nor the heroine is perfect. This is not your typical tale of a successful female lead. Yosef is a jerk, but is later changed to become a man who would do anything for love. This is a tale of a tsundere man, and it takes many chapters for the two of them to reconcile.

Chapter 1 Even after Zara Lowry was pushed out of the operating room after the dilation and curettage surgery, she had yet to recover from the shock of her unexpected pregnancy and accidental miscarriage. As the nurse wheeled her into her hospital ward, she asked, "Bed 1703. Zara, is anyone here with you?" Zara's eyes were fixed on the white ceiling, but they were unfocused. It seemed that she did not hear what the nurse said.


Mr. Webb, Make Your Move! by Tammy


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