Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Chapter 8

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Chapter 8

8 Little Minx

Stepping into the house, Amelia realized she missed the place. She has grown used to the house, and wouldn’t like to part from it. She would think of it as a good compensation if she got it after the 


From the light out, Amelia deduced Laura was asleep so she didn’t bother to wake her. Instead, she walked quietly to the familiar room and crept under the sheets after running herself a cold bath. She needed to get her arousal under control

The next morning, Amelia woke to dozens of calls from Lea, and a mail from Ray Movies

Congratulations, Wallflower. We are delighted to inform you that you have passed and been chosen after auditioning. Please, report yourself for duty at 10 a.m. for further directives

Attached the mail was the drafted contract. Amelia read through it once more. It was just like she wanted it. William had kept his word after all

Going back to her contacts, Amelia called Lea and apologized for not returning home the day before. She briefed Lea about the new development, and promised to pick up her items of luggage later in the day. But first, they scheduled to meet at the cafe closest to Ray Movies

After speaking with Lea, Amelia got out of bed and freshened up. Her day was booked, and she had to get moving. Then, she went downstairs for breakfast, and Laura was pleased to have her back

Laura dished Amelia’s breakfast, and she ate without complaints. Afterward, Amelia went to the garage and picked out a car. The one she left at Ray Movies yesterday had been returned too

Amelia spent a peaceful morning at the film production company. Just like yesterday, Sophie the assistant had waited for her at the lobby. Then, she led her to the voice acting department. For some 

she found everything going exceptionally smoothly


Noah from yesterday was nowhere to be seen and Amelia was grateful. She faced no stress during the whole stress and Amelia excitedly drove to a nearby mall after everything. She couldn’t wait to meet 


As she stepped into the mall, she realized it was another privilege she enjoyed thanks to being 

William’s wife

At the mall’s topmost floor was a luxurious restaurant which served only elites. William was affiliated to the restaurant so she had a membership card too

Immediately she stepped in, Lea stood dramatically and handed her a bouquet of flowers

Congratulations on smashing your audition, my lady.She bowed, and both of them burst out laughing

Thank you, Mi amor.Amelia giggled, and they both took their seats

So tell me. How did it go?Lea asked, and Amelia filled her in on everything that happened 

8 Little Minx



She started from how William had showed up at the audition, how they went visiting Victoria, how she had spiked their drinks too

At intervals, Lea would laugh, comment or just offer a smile. So much has happened since we parked yesterday.” 

You bet. So, I’m back home for now. Back to William’s.” 

You won’t be getting a divorce anymore?Lea wanted Amelia to get a divorce. She didn’t like how William was playing around with Amelia feelings and hurting her at the same time

Amelia took a sip from her juice and turned to face Lea

Lea, it’s not that I don’t want to get a divorce. In fact, I’m still bent on it, but William isn’t cooperative. I hope you can understand me. However, the good news is, he finally agreed to let me continue voice acting.She had forgotten to add that to her story earlier

So he really knows you’re Wallflower?Lea stared at her in disbelief, then leaned back against the couch, demanding for an explanation. How did he agree?” 

Well, he owed me, and it was his way of paying back. He would turn a blind eye to my voice acting.” 

Before Lea could reply, the door slid open and two figures strolled in. It was no one but Williams and 

another woman

She wore a face mask and had a pair of giant sunglasses on.However, immediately she took off her sunglasses and mask, Lea and Amelia realized who it was

Chloe. That little minx

Hello, Amelia, I didn’t think I’d see you here.” 

Amelia felt like she would puke seeing how Chloe tried to act friendly and familiar. Who would have believed this was the same lady trying to come inbetween her marriage

Amelia’s eyes swept over her body and she noticed a bandage on her wrist. Perhaps that was where she hurt herself after calling William yesterday

I do not think we’re that familiar to exchange such greetings. Don’t you think so?” 

All these while, William watched in silence. He knew Chole and what she was capable of. Had she really brought him here because she knew Amelia was here? He hoped not

Seeing Amelia clothed brought back memories of the night. He remembered how much pleasure he had felt within the short time they spent together, and he hated himself for leaving her like that. He 

was such an idiot

Did you insist on coming here for this?William asked Chole dangerously calmly. He hated to think that he had been used

Please, leave. This is my personal space, and I’m not in the mood to entertain either of you. I can’t 

8 Little Minx


believe why of all men, you choose to prey on another woman’s husband. A taken man. But since you want him so much, I’ll let you have him. Enjoy!” 

Hey, hey. I’m not an object that can be passed around anyhow or owned,William had never seen Amelia behave so snarkily before

Ever since their first meeting, Amelia had always been soft, meek and gentle with him, but she was hiding her other traits. After all, she was one of the top graduates from the best film academies in the country. Of course, she would be skilled at disguising and mimicking

Since they had company Lea didn’t say a thing. Instead she watched William and Amelia bicker with amusement. It was like a cat and rat play

William, I think you should leave with your company. You clearly aren’t welcome at our table.” 

I own a membership to this restaurant,William declared as he plopped down on the third chair, staring right across at Amelia. Although three people were there, he seemed to only have eyes for her

Chole was the only one who remained standing since there were three chairs at the table

Miss Celebrity, it would be nice if you could excuse us. You’re clearly intruding on a couple and their friend’s lunch here.Lea said pointedly, implying Chloe thirdwheeling it

Now, all the color had drained from Chloe’s face. She hadn’t expected this when she asked William to come here for lunch

Shall we go clubbing later? We could drink too.Amelia asked Lea in a bid to piss William off and it worked

William scowled upon hearing this. The look on his face was so cold and Amelia could feel chills going down her spine

William confused her. One minute, he was acting nonchalant, and the other, he wanted her all for himself. She averted her eyes from his and turned to smile at Lea who squeezed her hand

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William )

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/26/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Amelia and William have been married for two years, but they are practically strangers. She, Amelia, is head over in love with William, but he doesn't seem to care about this and instead meets regularly with his ex-girlfriend. Feeling there's no need to push anything anymore, Amelia asks William for a divorce but only then does he realize he has feelings for her and doesn't want to let her go.Will William convince Amelia to stay or they would finally end up getting a divorce?

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife

The light was blinding, but slowly Amelia opened her eyes, trying to get them adjusted to the environment. Her head hurt, and the environment was strange and unfamiliar. She tried thinking of what was happening and slowly sat up. Rapidly, Amelia’s sight and hearing got adjusted to the environment, and she realized she was in a hospital. She could see people run around the ward through the opening between the drawn curtains.  

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife


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