Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Chapter 9

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Chapter 9
  1. Clubbing 

You’re going to a club?William asked in disbelief. I thought you stopped drinking.” 

Well, I have no reason to stop anymore, do I?She asked William, rolling her eyes. Why was he acting like he cared

Now, she had eaten to her fill, and Amelia just wanted to leave this place. She felt sick and was tired of going back and forth with William

You can’t go to a club. It’s not right.He stuttered

And how do you get to decide what I can do or can not do? I don’t even get a say when it comes to your mistress.Amelia let out a chuckle

Amelia, I think you’ve got it all wrong. William and I are just friends. He was at the hospital to see me the other day because I got injured, and I only called yesterday because I didn’t know he was with you.” 

Amelia wanted to laugh. Where was a responsible married man supposed to be around midnight? Amelia was about to reply when Chole’s eyes welled up with tears, and it amused her

Anyone who did not know what was happening and the details would have thought Amelia was mistreating or bullying Chloe

Instantly, Amelia was lost for words, and she was glad Lea thought of that timing as right to pull her out of the chair

As they walked out of the restaurant, Lea pouted, pissed that Amelia was looking downcast

Sweetie, I really don’t want you to get hurt.” 

Amelia felt very uneasy. For the past two years, she and William barely interacted. He only seemed to care about her anytime they visited Victoria. She would then be deluded and tell herself it was a form 

of affection

Yet, it was all lies which were like bubbles. They would burst eventually

Before, she used to think he would change, and their marriage was salvageable, but now, she had tuned into reality, and it was just too painful. Their marriage needed to end

Didn’t you say you wanted to club? Let’s just do that then. You can forget about him.Lea hugged Amelia, trying to cheer her up

I’m not sure I want to do that. I just mentioned it earlier to piss William off.” 

Shhh. I wouldn’t watch you become pathetic over a guy that doesn’t care. We are going clubbing, and that’s final.Lea declared and Amelia laughed

Taking the keys from Amelia, Lea started the car and soon they were on their way home

  1. Clubbing 


“Aren’t we going to the club any longer?Amelia asked, confused

Of course we are. But first, we need to get you into clubbing clothes. Your attire is too formal, my lady.She joked

It didn’t take long for them to get dressed and soon, they were at the club. Amelia had a silver dress which stopped at her midthigh It made her stand out among the crowd, and Lea on the other hand 

had a back satin dress on

Amelia’s dress had a Vshaped neck, exposing her cleavage. At first, she felt exposed with the dress, but Lea told her it was perfect, and after taking a few drinks, she didn’t mind again. All she wanted to do was dance and sway her body. And that, she did

I want to dance.She slurred directly into Lea’s ear. The club was loud, and everywhere was bustling with noise

Some individuals however sat at the bar, only spilling their drinks and watching those on the dance floor, looking out for a potential partner. Some were also in booths, enjoying the tranquility of their personal space. And among those in the booth was William and his friend Ryan

Immediately Amelia had left the restaurant in the afternoon, he had followed them, keeping his distance to avoid them suspecting. Then, he called Ryan, a friend of his, and they came to the club together

William only sipped from his drink at intervals. He wasn’t here to drink. Instead, he wanted to keep an eye on Amelia. He had no issues when she sat at the bar and drank. However, he became enraged when she went to the dance floor. Worse still, a man was close to her now, trying to get his hands all over her body

Williams was enraged when he saw Amelia trying to get the man off her, but he wasn’t budging. Ryan was saying something to him about a girl in black which turned out to be Lea, but he wasn’t paying attention. He immediately stood and walked towards the dance floor

Where are you going, man?Ryan asked but got no reply. He then immediately stood and followed William. It looked like William wanted to pick a fight, and he wouldn’t let him do that alone

Woohhhh.The crowd screamed, drawing attention to Amelia. William had just punched the guy disturbing her. He hated the fact that the guy wasn’t taking no

What are you doing, William?Amelia asked with a hand over her mouth. She had never seen him 

resort to violence. She then looked at the man who was now on the floor. She brushed her hair behind 

and made to bend

What are you doing?William asked, grabbing her hand

I’m trying to check on him of course. I think you hurt him.” 

If William had been pissed before, he was mad now. How could she worry about another man when he was right there

  1. Clubbing 


Why would you care about him? Have you taken an interest in him?William asked tauntingly

And how is it any if your business if I have taken an interest in him?She retorted angrily. I haven’t stopped you from taking a mistress, have I?” 

She knew that she should not be saying that when William’s temper was at its peak, but she could not stop herself. Amelia noticed him clenching his fist

William had never shown proper concern for her during their two years of marriage. Yet, at that moment, his pride had probably just been wounded when he saw her being approached by another 


You had better not provoke me.He warned, his eyes flaring with anger

And what if?” 

Before she could finish her sentence, William took her hand and pulled her into his arms. Then, he started to kiss her passionately

10 Reaching A Consensus

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William )

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 1/26/2024 Native Language: English
Mr. Williams Runaway Wife ( Amelia and William ) Amelia and William have been married for two years, but they are practically strangers. She, Amelia, is head over in love with William, but he doesn't seem to care about this and instead meets regularly with his ex-girlfriend. Feeling there's no need to push anything anymore, Amelia asks William for a divorce but only then does he realize he has feelings for her and doesn't want to let her go.Will William convince Amelia to stay or they would finally end up getting a divorce?

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife

The light was blinding, but slowly Amelia opened her eyes, trying to get them adjusted to the environment. Her head hurt, and the environment was strange and unfamiliar. She tried thinking of what was happening and slowly sat up. Rapidly, Amelia’s sight and hearing got adjusted to the environment, and she realized she was in a hospital. She could see people run around the ward through the opening between the drawn curtains.  

Mr. Williams Runaway Wife


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