Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 491

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 491

Chapter 491 What’s He Ranting About

Chapter 491 What’s He Ranting About

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Joseph began to gently prod Fanny for further details, his tone softening. After a while, he whispered, It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it right now,noticing her watery eyes. So that you may relax, let’s return to your room. When James comes back, we can talk about everything.” 

With a kind nod, Fanny brushed away her tears and left in silence. One by one, the Kins Family members went to their rooms as the night wore on to get some rest. Christopher, on the other hand, was unable to sleep and became more and more restless at Riverdon. He headed toward the nightclub, desperate for something to divert his attention

As he entered the boisterous club, he was recognized by a blonde man who was standing at the door, waving to him and calling him Mr. Sanders!” 

Christopher did not even bother to reply, hardly acknowledging him. Despite Christopher’s apathy, the blonde man stayed focused, grinning politely and displaying respect

Mr. Sanders, Mr. Craig specifically asked me to wait for you.” 

Christopher reluctantly said, Lead the way.” 

When he heard back, the blond man grinned and led Christopher, Alright, Mr. Sanders, this way, please, I’ll take you there.” 

Christopher trailed along, but his spirits did not rise. His demeanor did not alter even after he entered the private area and was greeted and applauded by everyone

Mr. Sanders, is something troubling you?” 

Alexander, who had extended the invitation, handled Christopher’s feelings by seeing his disgruntled countenance and asking him straight out why. Alexander poured Christopher a glass of wine as he sat down next to him His approach was more informal, like he was speaking to a friend, even if his tone was worried 

Though he took the wine, Christopher did not smile or share a toast with Alexander. It’s nothing.” 

Though restless, Christopher regretted coming when he saw that the private area was crowded with lowclass aristocrats like Master Jonathan. He realized he no longer belonged in the upper social circles where he had formerly flourished after seeing these folks from common origins

Christopher was unable to get rid of the sensation that everything had altered. Back when the Sanders Family was doing well, he never would have taken the time to look at the folks in this private chamber. But aside from them, nobody else seems eager to interact with him



10:12 Mon, 29 Apr 

Chapter 491 What’s He Ranting About

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Is Mr. Sanders unwilling to speak? That’s alright. The others, even Jonathan, can guess.Beside Alexander, another man spoke out

Although Alexander appeared somewhat annoyed, there was a faint smirk on the corner of his mouth. Alexander did not feel obligated to compliment Christopher even if he had invited him. The Sanders Family may have seemed formidable at first, but Christopher’s bad reputation in Riverdon contributed to their downfall. Christopher knitted his eyebrows

With a frigid stare, he studied the guy who conjectured about him, observing his coarse features and obscene actions, which made his brows furrow even more. Regretfully, the man’s remarks led the other people in the room to begin speculating

Mr. Sanders is already running his own business at such a young age. Could businessrelated issues be the source of his worries?The conversation was initiated by one individual, who spoke in a cool, nonoffensive manner

Another person complimented Christopher’s skills, implying that there could be another issue with him

Someone with blonde hair questioned, Could Mr. Sanders be thinking about his Angela?abruptly

There was uncertainty and chitchat

This is really ridiculous! They seem to be talking about him as though he were someone they could easily control

Christopher rose abruptly, casting a chilly glance at the blonde who had used the word Angela.A shiver ran down the blonde’s spine under Christopher’s look

Alexander swiftly calmed Christopher down when he appeared to be about to blow out, saying, Mr. Sanders, they have little knowledge and don’t know what they’re talking about.Do not lower yourself to their level, ease.” 

Christopher did not lash out as he gazed at him, his demeanor remaining composed

Alexander was able to regain control of the situation and yelled, Apologies to Mr. Sanders, all of you!” 

Everyone in attendance gave Alexander some face even though he was the one who scheduled today’s game. Those who had made fun of Christopher earlier expressed regret once he was done speaking

Someone said, Mr. Sanders, our assumptions were incorrect. We ought not to have interrupted each other.” 

As a penalty, Mr. Sanders, I’ll down three glasses! I’m sorry to you.Someone took a glass and 


12 Mon, 29 Apr 

Chapter 491 What’s He Ranting About

drank three glasses very rapidly

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This individual finished their drink, and the others started to sometimes apologize to Christopher. Eventually, Christopher gave a chilly snort, looked about at the people, and turned to go

Hey? Is Mr. Sanders heading out? Though Alexander tried to stop him, Christopher glared at him and hissed, Move aside.” 

Alexander could only let Christopher go since he insisted on going and he dared not stop 


But no sooner had Christopher exited the private area than there were many sneers audible in the once silent space

Does he truly believe that the Sanders Family is pe 

now? That’s right. The Sanders 

Family may not be particularly noteworthy these days, but his reputation in Riverdon is still absurd.” 

Is it not? Why is he acting so haughtily? This was made into such a huge thing by the Martinez family that everyone is aware of it.” 

The folks in the private area began acting in ways that were very different from how they had behaved toward Christopher

Even though the Sanders Family is not doing well, don’t forget who Jonathan and Christopher’s father is,Alexander stated with a disapproving click of his tongue. It’s essential to use greater caution when he was there, but you may say these things behind his back.” 

This group was more inclined to heed Alexander’s comments, which is why he could occasionally arrange drinking parties with them

Mr. Craig is accurate. Despite the fact that Jonathan is only the Sanders family’s halfbrother, they made no qualms about reaching out to him.” 

correct away, someone said, That’s right, Jonathan is not someone to be trifled with.” 

However, other people bravely said, What’s to fear? Not even in Riverdon is he

Alexander gave him a quick look. His deputy can handle things 

even in his absence. Regardless, Christopher should not be very offended in order to prevent problems from getting to Jonathan.” 

Simon was the deputy he referenced, the one Jonathan had purposefully left behind when he departed Riverdon. Alexander cautioned the guy not to exhibit his resentment on his face, even if he felt it


10:12 Mon, 29 Apr 

Chapter 491 What’s He Ranting About

The meeting today was uncomfortable, so Alexander soon let everyone to go


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Meanwhile, Christopher, who left, had no intention of going home and instead took a stroll on the road. It was not until dawn that he finally got into a car and returned home


Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/18/2024 Native Language: English
Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) In her old life, Angela Kins got snatched as a baby and only made it back home at age ten. Everybody thought she hit the jackpot with wealthy parents, four awesome brothers, and a good-looking fiancé. Angela herself totally bought into this fake fairytale. But, the love from her parents, the care from her bros, and the sweetness from her fiancé? Not meant for her.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

All that was showered on the adopted daughter who took on her identity for over a decade. The Kins Family dissed and mocked Angela big time, keeping her stuck in a tiny utility room while the impostor enjoyed a princess-like setup. Later on, she got hit with stomach cancer. And when she was on her deathbed, instead of feeling sad for her daughter's tough luck, her mom was bizarrely relieved because Angela's death meant her adopted kid would score a kidney. After her rebirth, Angela decided to ditch the old baggage..  

She said bye to family drama and romantic mess, choosing to rock a carefree and happy life on her own terms. But guess what? She had no clue she'd become a magnet for the attention of her ex-fiancé's big-shot older brother. This guy, with his tough rep, turned out to be a real softie. Behind closed doors, he clung to Angela, throwing sweet words and teasing her. Angela wanted out, realizing that being all mushy with guys could spell a lifetime of trouble.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )


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