Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 492

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) Chapter 492

Chapter 492 He Could Not Afford to Lose His Dignity 

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Sitting in the vehicle, Christopher took another look at his phone. Neither missed calls nor texts were present. It was the third day of the deadline he had set for Fanny, and she had still not made an effort to get in touch with him

Christopher’s knuckles became white as he clenched his mobile phone in a restless grasp. The sky was still dark and had poor vision when the automobile entered the villa neighborhood and came to a stop outside of Christopher’s house

We have arrived,the driver informed Christopher, who had not yet got out of the vehicle

It was at that moment that Christopher snapped out of his reverie, unlocked the car, quickly got out

Hey, you haven’t paid!The taxi driver gave a frantie call


Christopher stepped back, frowning, and looked in his pockets, but they were empty. He felt**** in his jeans pocket, but there was nothing there. He carried nothing but his clothing and his cell phone. Christopher remembered he still needed to bring money, recalling that the night before he had hurriedly picked up a jacket and headed out. He had not driven his car back after drinking, so it was still parked close to the pub

The driver chose to park the car and approach Christopher after observing him looking about in vain and being worried that he could drive off without paying

Trying to keep his cool in the face of his situation, Christopher assured the driver, I will go inside to get the money.” 

The driver kept glancing at him, as though attempting to cast doubt on his sincerity

You have no money on you?the driver questioned sceptically as Christopher put up the awkward interrogation


Christopher acknowledged his error and nodded softly, not enjoying the driver’s accusing glance

He nodded and said again, Wait for me. I’ll go get the cash for you

Not at all. Consider utilizing your mobile phone as security. The driver made a suggestion, hesitant to allow Christopher into the home out of concern that he may not come back

Christopher complained, frówning deeply, My cell phone is valuable-.” 

Someone yelled his name before he could complete his statement



Chapter 492 He Could Not Afford to Lose His Dignity 


Christopher turned to see a woman i Christopher turned to see a woman in her middle years coming out of the villa

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When she finally saw him, she looked happy and loving. Christopher! You are the one! Have you returned to Riverdon? How’s it been recently, you and Fanny? Has my Fanny not been in your way, has she

Who are you?Disappointed that the woman was approaching him and bringing up Fanny, Christopher inquired, his uncertainty and irritation growing

Fanny was supposed to get back to Riverdon in three days, but she hadn’t gotten in touch with him. His annoyance was only increased by the reference to Fanny. In addition, the woman in front of him smelled bad and was untidy

The driver took a few steps backward and covered his nose in disgust as a lady who looked like a beggar came too close to Christopher. He could 

ot help but wonder whether the woman’s seeming poverty had anything to do with Christopher. But the driver was confused 


by Christopher’s immaculate appearance, which defied any such 

Christopher was furious with the driver’s decisionmaking, but he controlled his rage and gave the woman a menacing scowl. Give me some space!” 

I am the mother of Fanny! My name is Ms. Kourt,the woman said

When Britney learned that Christopher had instructed her to leave after failing to identify her, she flinched and stretched out to shake his hand in the hopes that he would take a closer look

Stay away from me!” 

Christopher steered clear of Britney’s touch, disgusted. His face became more icy as he realized who she was and how she led now

Mr. Christopher?Whispering, Britney hesitantly stepped forward

The driver watched the scenario and eventually had a chance to say anything before Christopher could reply, What are you two doing here! Pay me now, please

for you.” Christopher turned to go inside, not wanting to 

I’ll go inside to get the money for you.” 


He was swiftly followed by the driver, who said, I’ll come in with you to get it.” 

Wait here!said Christopher, pausing

He did not want the driver to enter the building after him. If the maid discovered he could 




Chapter 492 He Could Not Afford to Lose His Dignity 

not afford the fare, it would be awkward

I have to keep them in the dark. I have to keep my dignity among the family

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Before the driver could finish his sentence, Britney exclaimed, What’s the price? I’ll cover Mr. Christopher’s travel expenses.” 

After giving Britney a dubious look, the driver looked at the meter to find out the fare. It was only a few bucks, but he didn’t think the unkempt woman could afford it. Christopher was about to say no, so he was surprised when Britney offered to pay. But before he could say anything, Britney had already taken the money. Christopher was hesitant to touch her apparently dirty hand even though he wanted to stop her. In the end, he decided to let it go

Britney gave the driver a fiftydollar bill, and he gave her 

er the change after taking it. After settling the fare, the driver sped off. Though he was still trying to figure out why Britney had paid for his journey, Christopher did not recognize her. He moved to the gate of the mansion, unlocked it, and went inside without turning around. Without being asked, Britney followed

Britney halted and stopped Christopher as he was getting about to head upstairs in the foyer to change his shoes

At the bottom of the steps, Christopher stopped, looked up at her, and said, Just wait at the door.You can depart when I pay the ticket.” 

Britney stayed still, but she refused to accept the fee as payment

Christopher, you don’t need to pay for the ride,she said with a sweep of her hands

Christopher rushed in, I don’t have to pay for the ride? You can now depart, then

The very concept of Fanny annoyed him and he was even less inclined to deal with Britney Kourt, Fanny’s biological mother. Huld be reminded of the annoying Fanny if Britney lingered

What?Christopher ordered Britney to go, a request that seemed to surprise her. Her hands were stuck in midair as she stood there in a stupor

The air was stifling, and the moód seemed unpleasant. Luckily, Britney regained her composure immediately by remembering why she was with the Sanders Family. She gave Christopher a shaky grin and said, I didn’t mean it that way 


Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/18/2024 Native Language: English
Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and Joseph ) In her old life, Angela Kins got snatched as a baby and only made it back home at age ten. Everybody thought she hit the jackpot with wealthy parents, four awesome brothers, and a good-looking fiancé. Angela herself totally bought into this fake fairytale. But, the love from her parents, the care from her bros, and the sweetness from her fiancé? Not meant for her.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )

All that was showered on the adopted daughter who took on her identity for over a decade. The Kins Family dissed and mocked Angela big time, keeping her stuck in a tiny utility room while the impostor enjoyed a princess-like setup. Later on, she got hit with stomach cancer. And when she was on her deathbed, instead of feeling sad for her daughter's tough luck, her mom was bizarrely relieved because Angela's death meant her adopted kid would score a kidney. After her rebirth, Angela decided to ditch the old baggage..  

She said bye to family drama and romantic mess, choosing to rock a carefree and happy life on her own terms. But guess what? She had no clue she'd become a magnet for the attention of her ex-fiancé's big-shot older brother. This guy, with his tough rep, turned out to be a real softie. Behind closed doors, he clung to Angela, throwing sweet words and teasing her. Angela wanted out, realizing that being all mushy with guys could spell a lifetime of trouble.

Rebirth Reclaiming Her Self by Fleur Delacour ( Angela and  Joseph )


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