Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 256

Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 256

Chapter 256 

But Remington was still willing to hold Evelina and protect her

Lizetta grabbed Fiona, pleading, Granny, I know you love me to bits and want the best for me, but Remi and I have already signed the divorce papers, it’s really over. Granny, please just go with them, let’s head back, okay? I’m begging you.” 

Her expression was calm, even sporting a faint smile at the corner of her lips

She looked as coo! as a cucumber, as if she had totally moved on, not giving two hoots about what Remington and Evelina would do 


Definitely not looking like a wife betrayed by her husband, totally unfazed

It was Remington who had asked Lizetta to get Fiona to leave, but he was worried about Fiona’s health

He also knew that at this moment, only Lizetta could get through to her

He didn’t expect Lizetta to persuade Fiona like this, now watching Lizetta talk so nonchalantly about divorcing him and ending things, not caring what happens between him and Evelina

Remington’s face turned sour in a flash, his grip unconsciously tightening

Evelina felt like her kneecaps were about to be crushed by Remington, she gritted her teeth and endured the pain, looking up at Remington

Seeing the man’s clenched jaw and his attempt to appear composed, Evelina was green with envy

Just now, when she was lying on the ground with a bloodied face, Remington had come over to hold her without so much as a frown

Could Lizetta’s few words really have such a big impact on him

Where did she fall short compared to Lizetta, that Remington and Fiona couldn’t care less about her

Talk about being blind

Already signed the divorce?Fiona, however, was taken aback by Lizetta’s words, visibly shocked

She had seen how deep the kidsaffection for each other was

She thought their talk of divorce was just a squabble that they would get over, never expecting them to actually go through with it

But she truly hadn’t anticipated that they had already signed the divorce papers, that it was really happening

Yes, Granny,Lizetta confirmed with a nod

Fiona felt like the wind had been knocked out of her sails, suddenly feeling drained

Just then, a few more people came out of the elevator, hurrying over

It was Nathan and Hanna, a married couple, followed by another pair

A refined middleaged man was pushing a wheelchair, his wife, clearly having some vision issues, in this setting still wore sunglasses and was seated in the wheelchair

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These two were Remington’s godparents, who had just been in Joseph’s hospital room and rushed over after hearing the news

Hanna, with hurried steps, came over and anxiously started checking Evelina’s injuries, asking, Evelina, the baby, hasn’t it?” 

Evelina pursed her lips, choking back tears, and shook her head, Luckily Remi got here in time, and I managed to protect my baby, the baby’s still here.” 

Thank God, that’s such a relief!” 

Hanna clasped her hands together, clearly relieved, caring about Evelina’s wellbeing without sparing a thought for Lizetta

Nathan frowned, his face stern as he spoke to Remington

What’s with all this commotion, hurry up and take her away. Stop upsetting your grandmother, if she gets sick over your screwups, I’ll beat you senseless!” 

While he was chiding Remington, he was actually also looking out for Evelina, urging Remington to take her away

Even Remington’s godparents stepped forward to persuade Fiona

Madam, grandchildren have their own luck, Remington isn’t a kid without a plan, let the kids sort out their own issues.” 

Yeah, your health is the most important thing, Madam. It’s not worth getting so worked up. Oh, and Joseph just woke up and was asking for you. Let’s go see Joseph together.” 

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/7/2024 Native Language: English
Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Remington raised Lizetta, fulfilling all her requests, and Lizetta mistook it for love. It wasn't until two years into their marriage that she realized she was just his most pampered pet, but she had treated him as her whole world.

Shattered Illusions Love, Lies, and Redemption

  When his first love returned, Lizetta insisted on a divorce, to which he scoffed, "Can a cat raised since childhood really leave its owner? You can't escape." Lizetta left resolutely and never looked back. However, Remington went mad. "Mrs. Dashiell! Please, just look at me one more time." He cornered her against the wall, his eyes brimming with love. She smiled gently, "Humans and dogs take different paths. Step aside, don't block my love opportunities." He held her waist tightly, his eyes reddening, "I've reserved the marriage proposal quota for the next 365 days. Liz, marry me again!"  

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