Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 263

Shattered Illusions: Love Lies and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Chapter 263

Chapter 263 

Lizetta yanked her hand out of Remington’s scorching palm like her life depended on it

She was about to struggle when Remington flipped off of her


guy sat on the edge of the bed, peeled off his shirt, and the sun kissed his back, muscles rolling smoothly with his movements,sexy as hell

But Lizetta, she lifted her foot, on autopilot trying to give him another piece of her mind or rather, her foot, aiming to kick him off the 


Little did she know, Remington seemed to have eyes in the back of his head. The moment her foot went up, his cool voice cut through the air

Try kicking me again and I’ll make you cry under me!” 

His voice was husky, the last word heavy with a warning laced with restrained desire

Lizetta chickened out, her raised foot reluctantly retreating

But Remington just sat there catching his breath, not making another move

Lizetta’s heartbeat slowly settled down too, as she lay there, unknowingly fixated on the man’s back

He had that kind of bod that flexed with clothes on, and even more so with them off a real piece of eye candy, muscles in all the right places

His back and shoulders were welldeveloped, a thin layer perfectly covering his spine, tapering down to a tight waist, and even the vertebrae at the base of his neck were ruggedly perfect


The guy’s skin was pale, delicate, and glossy. Old scars on his back and right side didn’t make him any less enticing in fact, they added a wild, rugged story to his charm

Lizetta had never really scoped out his body like this before; he never gave her the chance, always dressed quicker than a blushing bride

She’d caught a glimpse of those scars before, a couple on his chest and abdomen

Lizetta had asked about them, but he told her to mind her own beeswax

Now, her attention was back on those scars. They’d faded but still looked fierce, making you wonder how bad the wounds had been

But before he went abroad, he was unmarked, Even overseas, as the Dashiell family heir, he had a ton of people watching his back, living the high life who could’ve hurt him


Why all these scars, as if he’d lived the life of a fugitive abroad

Lizetta couldn’t figure it out, and Remington wasn’t spilling the beans

As they’d grown up, they’d gathered too many secrets between them

Remington no longer let her into his world

Lizetta, keep staring and I’ll take it as an invitation,” he suddenly turned, his eyes smoldering and deep, locking onto Lizetta’s sneaky 


Lizetta’s face flushed again, and she scrambled up, making her escape from the other side of the bed

I’m not inviting you! You stripped down to nothing, giving me no choice but to look.” 

Remington chuckled, How else am I supposed to apply the ointment? Go get the burn cream.” 


That’s when it clicked for Lizetta. She was there to help with his burn

She rummaged for the cream but didn’t come any closer, tossing it on the bed before announcing, It’s on your chest, you can reach it. I’m going to see Grandma.” 

Like a rabbit running for its life, she didn’t dare get close to the dangerous big bad wolf again

Dropping the cream, she dashed to the door and bolted out

The door slammed shut behind her, and Remington just sat there, looking at the cream by his hand and laughing to himself

When Lizetta got back to Fiona’s room, Fiona seemed to be asleep, propped up against the headboard

Lizetta tiptoed over, about to pull up the blanket that had slipped down to her waist when Fiona opened her eyes and asked

Liz, are you really leaving tomorrow? Can’t you stay?” 


Turns out, Fiona wasn’t asleep; she’d been waiting for her

Lizetta sat down beside the bed, holding Fiona’s hand, her eyes brimming with love and guilt

Grandma, I’ve made up my mind.” 

Fiona sighed, nodding her head, Alright, Liz. If you’ve decided, then I will support you.” 

Tears threatened to spill from Lizetta’s eyes, but not wanting Fiona to see, she leaned in and rested her head on Fiona’s shoulder

Grandma, you agree, thank you. I’ll video call you often.” 

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/7/2024 Native Language: English
Shattered Illusions: Love, Lies, and Redemption ( Lizetta ) Remington raised Lizetta, fulfilling all her requests, and Lizetta mistook it for love. It wasn't until two years into their marriage that she realized she was just his most pampered pet, but she had treated him as her whole world.

Shattered Illusions Love, Lies, and Redemption

  When his first love returned, Lizetta insisted on a divorce, to which he scoffed, "Can a cat raised since childhood really leave its owner? You can't escape." Lizetta left resolutely and never looked back. However, Remington went mad. "Mrs. Dashiell! Please, just look at me one more time." He cornered her against the wall, his eyes brimming with love. She smiled gently, "Humans and dogs take different paths. Step aside, don't block my love opportunities." He held her waist tightly, his eyes reddening, "I've reserved the marriage proposal quota for the next 365 days. Liz, marry me again!"  

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