Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke (Sigmund Moolery ) Chapter 38

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke (Sigmund Moolery ) Chapter 38

Chapter 38 

Lindsay’s remarks successfully shifted everyone’s attention to Becky’s design drawing

At first, everyone was puzzled as to why Lindsay spoke up for Becky. It was not until they saw Becky’s drawing with their own eyes that they understood Lindsay’s intention

Compared to Celine’s design, it was evident that Becky’s design was nextlevel

Betty did not expect that someone would speak up for Becky. For a moment, she felt a little embarrassed, but she did not insistently nitpick about Becky’s drawing

As a newbie, her work is indeed not bad,Betty said. However, for our collaboration with Starry Group this time, we need to consider things more comprehensively. Are you willing to take such a risk?” 

Lindsay was left speechless after being countered. Who was she anyway? Compared to Betty, who was the design director, her words carried less weight

In the face of their conversation, Becky was like an outsider. She did not care at all whether Betty would pick her design drawing

She did not even want to argue. She found it foolish and ridiculous to bring personal grievances into work

In the end, it was decided as such. Betty insisted on using Celine’s design drawing. Naturally, no one insisted on using Becky’s design drawing

After coming out of the conference room, Becky did not show any signs of being unhappy. Instead, she held her belongings and went back to work as usual

When Becky walked past Betty, the latter even pretended to offer her some words of 


Becky, I’m not denying the quality of your work,” Betty said. It’s just that we have to consider the big picture. Your design is not bad.” 

Becky did not want to appreciate the fake expression on Betty’s face at all. She just nodded casually and walked away without even looking at Betty


Chapter 38 

This infuriated Betty. How dare she ignore me?she thought

Lindsay naturally noticed this scene. She admired Becky inwardly

It seems that ever since she arrived, she has never shown a pleasant expression to those who are looking for trouble,Lindsay thought. She’s very bold.” 

After the meeting finally ended, Lindsay and her female colleague from the department slacked off in the break room

You have no idea,Lindsay said. Our project feels like a palace intrigue every day!” 

Lindsay pulled her female colleague and vented fiercely

It hasn’t been easy to get rid of that annoying Ned, but now we have a new director who seems to be deliberately targeting the newcomer, Becky,” Lindsay said

Upon hearing this, Lindsay’s female colleague got excited and immediately asked what had happened

Lindsay answered as she took out the drawing that Becky had just captured

Look, can’t we just use this drawing directly?Lindsay said

The colleague nodded in confusion. As designers themselves, they were sensitive to design drawings. Even if they were not highly skilled, they could basically tell the quality at a glance

There’s no problem with the drawing,” the colleague said. It also aligns well with Starry Group’s plan. Is anyone dissatisfied?” 

Hey, you actually got it right!Lindsay said, raising her voice a little. However, she quickly lowered her voice

Lower your voice!the female colleague said. If the boss hears us, we’ll both be in big 


When Rocky arrived at the entrance of the design department, he heard this sentence. Initially, he was about to shake his head and leave, but the next moment, he heard something that puzzled him


Chapter 38 

However, this new director is like a joke,Lindsay said. She used someone else’s design. That design is very ordinary. It can’t compare to Becky’s at all. Do you understand

I asked her why she didn’t use Becky’s design. Guess what? She found faults with her 


From what I can tell, she’s deliberately mocking the intern,” the female colleague said. Don’t you think?” 

The female colleague’s remark was insightful and hit the nail on the head regarding Betty’s 


These words were heard by Rocky. He immediately went to look for Betty, intending to take a look at everyone’s design drawings before making a final judgment

Betty did not think much about it. She placed all design drawings in front of Rocky

Which one did you ultimately decide on?Rocky asked

In response to his question, Betty nonchalantly pointed at the drawing with the name. Celine Richard

Rocky felt that he was about to lose control of his expression

He took out Becky’s drawing from the stack of drawings

Compared to this drawing, this one is clearly more outstanding, isn’t it?Rocky said

Rocky met Betty’s eyes. Betty felt a sudden suffocating sensation, leaving her somewhat 

at a loss for words

Starry Group’s focus for this quarter is on light luxury styles,” Rocky said. Although Celine’s design doesn’t have any major issues, don’t you know that Starry Group will not be impressed

Such a simple design doesn’t match the theme they provided us at all. If we give it to them just like that, the collaboration this time will most likely stop.” 

Betty felt a little guilty after being criticized, but she had no intention of backing down at all. There was absolutely no way she would let Becky’s work be chosen for the final 


Chapter 38 


Mr. Bradley, as the director of this project, I naturally have my own ideas,Betty said

Becky is a new intern. Her design does not align with the concept of this collaboration, in my opinion

I believe her qualifications are not sufficient to replace Celine. I’ve looked at both design. drawings carefully and decided after much consideration. I hope you won’t take things out of context and misinterpret my decision.” 

Upon seeing Betty’s attitude, Rocky did not want to waste any more time arguing with her. Instead, he took both design drawings and left

He took the elevator all the way to the top floor

Through the window, Sigmund could be seen sitting inside and looking at documents

Rocky even forgot to knock on the door. He pushed open the door and went in, putting the two design drawings on Sigmund’s table

*Compare these two drawings,Rocky said. If you were to present them to Starry Group for review, which one do you think would be better?” 

Sigmund lifted his eyebrows. He put down the pen that he was holding and simply glanced at the design drawings

In the next moment, Sigmund’s slender fingers landed on Becky’s drawing

Rocky chuckled and said, What if I told you that the one to be sent over is the other one?” 

This casual remark made Sigmund frown

Are you crazy?Sigmund said

After a long while, Sigmund finally said this

See, you think it’s crazy too, don’t you?Rocky said

Rocky then sneered and continued, Ms. Adams made a quick decision to choose this one. She even found fault with the other one: We’re both discerning people. Even if you want to 


Chapter 38 

indulge your exgirlfriend, you can’t risk this hardearned collaboration.” 

When Sigmund heard that it was Betty again, he was extremely annoyed. He rubbed his temples helplessly

He even started to question whether he had made a mistake by agreeing to let Betty come 


However, at this moment, Betty also came up to the top floor. As she walked in, Sigmund’s finger was still pointing at Becky’s drawing

Let’s go with this one,Sigmund said. Just say that it’s confirmed by me.” 

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke (Sigmund Moolery )

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke (Sigmund Moolery )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/25/2024 Native Language: English
"Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke" Becky Wood was a wealthy young lady whose childhood wish was to marry her huckleberry friend, Sigmund Moolery. Her wish came true when Sigmund agreed to marry her for two years. She tried to win Sigmund's heart during the two years of marriage, but in the end, she got nothing but a divorce file.

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke

Becky resolutely divorced Sigmund, only to discover that she was pregnant. She decided to stop pretending and go her own way. The once sentimental Mrs. Moolery transformed into a famous top-tier genius designer with immense talent and a net worth of over tens of millions.Sigmund Moolery, a rich and handsome man, was the heir of the Moolery family. He didn't love Becky when they were in marriage. However, after they divorced, he found that Becky was showing more and more identities that he hadn't known before. He decided to turn over a new leaf and win Becky's heart again. As her belly grew bigger and bigger, Becky became more and more conflicted, unsure whether to continue being with Sigmund or choose another man. How would she choose? What kind of story will happen between them? A

Submitting To My Ex-Wife by Veromca Luke


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