Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 13

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 13

Chapter 13 

He closely resembles Ballard.Summer thought for a short time and answered, They looked exactly the same.” 

Summer seemed to believe that the kid was just her eldest son Sanford

She knew that there was a connection between the mother and the son

Soon Summer left all of it behind

In the afternoon, Summer was cleaning the house when Ballard screamed

Fay, you are here!” 

Fay had stayed up late for several days. Her eyes were black-ringed

She held Ballard in her arms happily and put off her shoes

I could finally take a rest for some days after finishing all my work.” 

Fay lay down on the sofa, watching Summer busy with the chores

Madam, please raise your leg.” 

Summer washed the floor and put the mop back. She walked to the sofa on tiptoe and sat beside Fay

They huddled together and enjoyed the tranquility for the moment, with nothing in mind

Suddenly, Summer thought of something and sat straight. She pulled Fay’s sleeve with a serious look

Fay, I have a question for you.” 

Summer had not seen Fay these days and managed to meet her when she didn’t need to stay in the hospital for duty. She must ask Fay about Sanford in detail

Say it.Fay got a little nervous because of summer’s sudden change

You once said that Sanford passed away when he was born. The truth is he is alive, isn’t he? He had been taken 


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Chapter 13 

away by the Hill family?” 

Summer’s eyes turned red with doubt and hope. Fay softened and nodded

068% 17:52 

Summer, you managed to escape at that time. I was afraid to break your heart since you are still sick.” 

Fay sighed. She held Summer’s cold hands tightly. I am sorry for hiding it from you.” 

Summer looked down with a lump in her throat

I saw him, but he seemed not to like me.” 

How can a son dislike his mother? Don’t think so much.Fay hurriedly comforted Summer

Summer could understand why the kid was indifferent to her, as she was not involved in Sanford’s growth

I failed in my maternal duty.Summer blamed herself

Fay patted Summer on her back. It takes time. Be happier. At least Alick treats Sanford well. Besides, you are not to blame for being separated from Sanford. Alick should be responsible for that.” 

Summer was depressed. Alick seemed to have a desire to kill her when he saw her. Also, she did not know when she could meet Sanford again

I hope that he will accept me.’ 

All right. Be happy! Tonight, I want to enjoy the food that 

No problem.” 

you make.” 

Summer raised her head from Fay’s arms and stood up with a vigorous look again

On the next day, Alick was playing the pen in the president’s office of the Hill Group

Have you found her?” 

Bill was so nervous that the sweat stood in drops on his forehead

Alick asked him this question every several hours, and the answer remained the same. 


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Chapter 13 

Not yet,Bill answered him, facing downwards

No?Alick sounded stiff. Bill knew he was on the verge of exploding

At that intense moment, Bill had an inspiration and got an idea

You mean we can start from the UnitedIslands Group?Alick frowned

068% 17:52 

Seeing that Alick showed some interest, Bill soon added, According to our investigation, Ms. White has devoted much to the UnitedIslands Group. Last year, when it was running out of money, Ms. White used her own money to help the company survive.” 

Bill was interrupted by Alick in the middle of his sentence

I don’t want to hear the bullshit.” 

Alick looked impatient. The UnitedIslands Group was to him what convenience store to a listed company

In short, the Unitedislands Group was not qualified to be purchased by him

The only value it had was to help him get Summer out

Then?Bill asked tentatively

To press the leadership team of the United Islands Group to let Summer see me within one day. Otherwise, they’ll go bankrupt.” 

Alick gestured to Bill that he should go now

Bill was quite efficient. The president of the UnitedIslands Group heard this bad news one hour later from his 


Mr. Allen, you have 23 hours left.” 

The president of the UnitedIslands Group was called Lamont Allen, who was forty years old

He dropped into his leather chair. 

Lamont knew that he had a big problem


calls onlyBOR 

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 13 

He regretted that he had taken Joan’s order for the high commission

Lamont stroked his face several times. His dispirited look made him look older instantly

Can we contact Rachel?” 

68% 17:52 

Mr. Wright applied for leave two days ago, and you approved that yourself.The secretary straightened her glasses with a poker face

I am doomed!Lamont scratched his head in vexation and started to call Rachel

Sorry, the number you’re trying to reach is unavailable. Please redial later.” 

Lamont kept calling her and pinned his hope on Line. He started to send her messages with touching words

Luckily, he got Rachel’s reply several hours later when Lamont was about to collapse

Rachel Wright sent him a question mark

Rachel had not logged into her Line for over a week. She planned to reply to some messages

However, when she logged in, numerous messages from Lamont flooded her. Rachel saw there were more than 100 messages from him

Lamont found that Rachel was up and got excited. He had been hopeless and now found hope again. Lamont gave her a voice call through Line without hesitation

Mr. Allen, how can I help you?” Rachel had a bad feeling

Lamont soon told her what he had prepared. Rachel, only you could save our company this time.” 

Rachel felt anxious when she heard his words

What’s wrong? Does the company run out of money again?” 

Worse than that!Lamont took a deep breath and begged her, Rachel, could you please go meet Mr. Hill?” 

Alick? No way!” 


Chapter 13 


Rachel declined immediately. She was about to hang up the call when Lamont said, I can give you half of the shares in the company if you agree. Please help me!” 

Rachel fell silent. Then, she asked him, He threatened you?” 





Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Summer's S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Summer White had been an orphan since childhood. The closest person to her should be her husband, Jonathan Hill, whom she has only met twice since they married.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle

Four years ago, Summer suffered from severe bleeding during childbirth and was on the verge of death, but the attending doctor saved her life. The doctor was her college classmate and discovered that the culprit for her difficult childbirth was actually her husband. He took it upon himself to announce Summer’s death to get her out of the miserable marriage.Alick Hill was the young heir of the prestigious Hill family. Due to a drunken encounter with Summer, he got her pregnant. Consequently, Alick’s grandfather ordered him to marry Summer. As a rebellious but devoted grandson, Alick dared not go against his ailing grandfather. He saw the marriage as a mere tool, planning to nullify the marriage as soon as Summer gave birth to the kids.In Euldon, four years later, Summer White, who had now changed her name to Rachel Wright, was playing with two cute kids.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin


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