Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 8

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 8


The sudden slamming of a door jolted Summer back to reality. She was about to ask Alick what was going on when she came back to her senses and found herself and the boy locked in a hotel suite.. 

Alick! Alick” 

Stop shouting! It’s noisy!” 

Summer was interrupted by the shrill voice and looked down to meet his eyes

Sanford was looking at her fiercely, and Summer couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed

There were so many things she wanted to ask Sanford, such as, Am I really your mommy? Is Alick good to you? How old are you?But when the words were just on her lips, she only managed to say, What’s your name?” 

I don’t know you. Why should I tell you?Sanford replied rudely, but the twinkle in his eyes betrayed his true thoughts

Summer forced herself to avert her eyes and calm down

What if this was Alick’s trick? She had to be on guard

But Sanford looked almost identical to Ballard. She couldn’t help but believe it

What the hell was going on

Fay must know the truth! Yes, she had to ask Fay

What else happened four years ago? Why did she lie to her? 

Summer’s mind was in turmoil, and her hands went down to her empty pockets. The bag she carried with her was nowhere to be found

Sanford grew up being spoiled. When he saw Summer’s gaze not falling on him, he felt a sudden surge of anger



Emergency calls only ON 


Summer looked up and looked at Sanford with mixed feelings

He was so arrogant that he stopped making noise when he got Summer’s attention.” 

D69% 17:50 


Alick probably wanted to embarrass her, and with Sanford here, Summer didn’t believe he could keep her here 

for the rest of her life

Maybe right now, Alick was watching her every move through the camera in the corner of the room

Summer sighed. She quickly walked up and crouched down in front of Sanford

Maybe he knew something… 

Summer hesitated for a few seconds and said tentatively, Did Alick mention me to you before?” 

Sanford kept a straight face. He was so young, yet he bore a striking similarity to Alick

Seeing that Sanford did not say anything, Summer added, Looks like I was right” 

Get away!” 

Summer was violently pushed and fell woefully to the carpet

As Summer was thinking about how to communicate with Sanford, she suddenly heard him question her, Aren’t you dead? Why did you come back only now?” 

The words Summer wanted to say were stuck in her throat. She tried to reach out and touch the top of Sanford

but her hand was forcibly slapped away

I’m sorry. I didn’t know” 

You haven’t come back to see me once!” 

Sanford glared at Summer with red eyes. He crossed over to her and slapped the door as hard as he could

Alick! Let me out! I want to go home!” 

The door was opened from the outside, and Sanford pushed his way through the door. But before Summer could get up, the door was locked again from the outside

Emergency calls only 


Summer wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her head in the crook of her arms

How did things come to this

At the same time, in the airport lounge

To be on the safe side, Summer instructed Fay to change the ticket before she left

There were still thirty minutes before the plane would take off

D69% 17:50 

Is mommy really not coming?Abby was wearing a double ponytail and a pair of pink sunglasses. She dangled her legs on the seat

Mommy will come over to us when she’s done with the emergency.Abby’s cute look diluted the anxiety in Fay’s heart. She couldn’t help but pinch Abby’s soft cheeks

Fay, why do you keep frowning?Ballard jumped down from the seat and smoothed Fay’s frown with his fingers. If you always frown, you will become unattractive. Is something wrong with mommy?” 

Fay let her guard down as Ballard flattered her and nodded without having time to think

Fifteen minutes to go. Let’s race to see who gets on the plane first!” 

Realizing the slip of the tongue, Fay quickly changed the subject and pulled her suitcase to rush to the gate, but her arm was pulled by Ballard

Fay, I want to call mommy.” 

Fay stroked the hair on the side of her ear and began to look at her watch frequently. Ballard, let’s call when we 

get off the plane.” 

I miss Mommy too, Fay.” 

Who could stand up to Abby’s begging? Fay lamented as she took her phone out

Sorry, the number you have called is switched off” 

Fay breathed a sigh of relief to adjust her mood, and then picked up Ballard’s small suitcase. Your mother is probably busy. Shall we go?” 

Emergency calls only


Mommy’s in danger!Ballard said seriously and frowned. Mommy’s phone is never off!” 

D69% 17:50 

Seeing Fay’s confusion, Abby explained, Mommy said her phone would only be turned off when she was in danger.” 

Could it be that her phone ran out of battery?” 

The matter involved Alick, and Summer left in a hurry, so Fay was also unsure as to what happened

Mommy has a portable charger in her bag, and her phone was fully charged before she left home.The more Abby said, the more anxious she became

Fay, what the hell is Mommy doing?” 

Ballard got serious and acted like a little adult

Fay could not bear the inner torment and told Ballard briefly what had happened

I’m going to save mommy!Ballard decided at once


Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Summer's S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Summer White had been an orphan since childhood. The closest person to her should be her husband, Jonathan Hill, whom she has only met twice since they married.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle

Four years ago, Summer suffered from severe bleeding during childbirth and was on the verge of death, but the attending doctor saved her life. The doctor was her college classmate and discovered that the culprit for her difficult childbirth was actually her husband. He took it upon himself to announce Summer’s death to get her out of the miserable marriage.Alick Hill was the young heir of the prestigious Hill family. Due to a drunken encounter with Summer, he got her pregnant. Consequently, Alick’s grandfather ordered him to marry Summer. As a rebellious but devoted grandson, Alick dared not go against his ailing grandfather. He saw the marriage as a mere tool, planning to nullify the marriage as soon as Summer gave birth to the kids.In Euldon, four years later, Summer White, who had now changed her name to Rachel Wright, was playing with two cute kids.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin


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