Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 10

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 10

Chapter 10 

Summer wondered, Why are Alick’s men pretending that they don’t know me? They really don’t know me? Or are they just stalling?” 

Just as Summer was thinking, someone poked her waist

Mommy, that handsome guy seems to be talking to you.” 

Summer looked down and saw a hand

The man said in a friendly yet slightly bitter voice, I’m Toby Beam.” 

Toby knew that Summer had forgotten about him. Toby reminded her, We both studied at the same high 


Toby added in his mind, Although we were not in the same class.” 

immer quickly recalled her high school life and seemed to remember something about Toby coming to her 

ss and asking the boys out to play basketball

Summer said, Nice to see you again.Summer gently shook hands with Toby out of courtesy

Ballard peeked out curiously. Toby asked in surprise, Summer, are you married?” 

Summer said, I was, but I got a divorce.” Summer didn’t look Toby in the eyes. She didn’t go into her years of 

ridiculous experiences

Toby pushed his glasses up on his nose and nodded

It was awkward. Just as Summer wanted to make up an excuse and leave, Ballard pulled her

Summer looked at him as if she was asking what it was

Ballard whispered, There is staff coming up with the elevator.” 

Summer went pale. She knew that Alick must have talked to the hotel staff before he left




Chapter 10 

Summer was desperate

Summer looked at Toby helplessly

Toby said, What is it? What’s wrong?” 

The elevator stopped on the third floor. Summer bit her lips and quickly walked to Toby

Summer took Toby by the arm, spun him around, and pulled him against the wall. Then Summer breathed heavily and faster next to Toby’s ear

Summer said, Help me!” 

Caesars Hotel had a rule that staff would patrol each floor every hour to ensure that the needs of guests could be 

met at once

As the staff walked out of the elevator and turned into the hallway, he was shocked. He quickly looked away and walked away with his head down

was a man and a woman kissing

All guests in Caesars Hotel were rich and influential. They wouldn’t like to be interrupted when they were in the middle of something

The staff didn’t want any trouble for himself, so he quickly walked through the hallway and disappeared

If the staff had looked at Toby for a little bit longer, he would have noticed something was off

Toby was kissing his fingers. And there were six feet, while there only seemed to be two people

Summer’s heart was racing. She leaned against the wall. And she was exhausted

When the staff left, Toby stopped what he was doing and put his hand away from Summer’s waist

Toby said, Sorry about that.He was flushing. He didn’t even dare to look Summer in the eyes

Toby had kept his feelings for Summer a secret for a long time. Summer was someone he cherished

Summer said, It’s okay. Thank you for that.Summer survived. She didn’t look that pale anymore


Toby had a lot to say to Summer, but he didn’t know how to start

Toby could have guessed what Summer was running from

Toby said, Come on. Let me take you out.” 

Summer’s eyes lit up, but then they looked cold again

The second Ballard walked through the main entrance, he would be recognized. He looked exactly like Sanford

Ballard said, Follow me.Ballard didn’t give them any time to think. He pulled them by the hand and went back 

the same way

The cleaning staff was still working. Ballard let go of Toby and Summer and then dashed into the bushes. He ran out two or three meters. Then he waved at them from behind a tree

Summer hesitated. Toby was already loosening his tie, getting ready to run

Tohsked You first? Or me?” 

Toby said that with a smile, making Summer feel at ease. Summer stretched her shoulders and bent down. She said, I’ll go first.” 

Then they both met up with Ballard

Summer was still worried. She ran for a while with the others. Then she stopped and bent over with her hands 

on her waist

Summer said, Take a break. I can’t go any further.” 

Summer waved at them. She suddenly laughed.

Toby was catching his breath as well. He said happily, Yeah, let’s take a break.” 

After Summer caught her breath, she said, Thank you, Toby.Summer was still scared

Toby didn’t ask Summer who she was running from. He looked at her with care and said, Don’t mention it. We’re friends. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.” 


Chapter IV 

Ballard was standing next to Summer. He looked up at Summer and then at Toby

Toby pursed his lips and asked nervously and expectantly, Can I have you on Line?” 

Of course.Then Summer recalled that Alick had taken her phone and purse.. 

Seeing that Summer didn’t move, Toby got more nervous. He said, Something wrong?” 

I don’t have my phone with me. I’ll send you a request when I get home.” 

It sounded like a lame excuse, but Toby didn’t mind

Toby said, Where are you going? I can take you.” 

Ballard and Summer didn’t have any money on them. Summer was afraid that they might run into Alick if they walked, so she didn’t reject Toby’s offer

Summer sat in the passenger seat. She was feeling a lot of things, seeing the view passing by


didn’t remember much about Toby. All she could recall was that he had been a bright guy and a lot of girls had liked him. Toby seemed to be the same after a few years, but Summer had changed a lot

Toby’s phone had been buzzing. Summer asked with guilt, Am I bothering you at work?” 

Toby answered with a smile, No, not at all.” 

Can you pull over at that entrance?” 

Fay was living in a normal apartment complex. The neighbors might gossip if they saw a nice car going in there. Summer didn’t want to risk it

But Toby got it wrong. He was disappointed

Ballard said, We’re home. Thank you!” 


Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Summer's S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Summer White had been an orphan since childhood. The closest person to her should be her husband, Jonathan Hill, whom she has only met twice since they married.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle

Four years ago, Summer suffered from severe bleeding during childbirth and was on the verge of death, but the attending doctor saved her life. The doctor was her college classmate and discovered that the culprit for her difficult childbirth was actually her husband. He took it upon himself to announce Summer’s death to get her out of the miserable marriage.Alick Hill was the young heir of the prestigious Hill family. Due to a drunken encounter with Summer, he got her pregnant. Consequently, Alick’s grandfather ordered him to marry Summer. As a rebellious but devoted grandson, Alick dared not go against his ailing grandfather. He saw the marriage as a mere tool, planning to nullify the marriage as soon as Summer gave birth to the kids.In Euldon, four years later, Summer White, who had now changed her name to Rachel Wright, was playing with two cute kids.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin


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