Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 11

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Chapter 11

Chapter 11 

Following Summer, Ballard jumped out of the car and threw Toby a kiss

With a faint smile on her face, Summer waved at Toby

Before leaving, Toby couldn’t help but ask, Your phone number” 

Ballard quickly blurted out a series of numbers before Summer answered him. Toby was stunned for a moment 

and gave Ballard a thumbs up 

Before Summer went upstairs, Abby couldn’t wait to open the door and shout at Summer


Summer opened her arms, and Abby threw herself into her arms. Abby rubbed her cheek against hers, raised her head, and looked at Summer with her bright eyes. I’m so worried about you!” 

rs welled up in Summer’s eyes. The children were gifts given to her. Summer had to protect them with her life and couldn’t let Alick take them away

Summer kissed Abby’s forehead. Then she carried Abby and Ballard into the house

On the contrary, the atmosphere in the Hill’s villa was tense

Alick sat on the sofa and pressed his forehead. The butler stood aside and was at a loss

Mr. Hill, the little Mr. Hill refused to go downstairs for dinner and is still angry.” 

After a loud bang, breaking porcelain could be heard upstairs

Alick’s face darkened. The others didn’t dare to speak for fear of being scolded

Bill plucked up his courage and stepped forward. Mr. Hill, there’s a meeting later. Would you like to have a meal first?” 

Postpone the meeting for an hour.” 


Emergency calls only

Chapter 11 

D68% 17:51 

As soon as Alick pushed open the bedroom door, a toy was hurled at him. Alick blocked the rabbit toy

Stop!Alick suppressed his anger

It’s none of your business!Sanford held his arms and stared at Alick coldly


Sharp fragments could be seen everywhere. Sanford stood on the ground barefoot. The fear that Sanford would be injured caused Alick’s heart to race

Alick softened his tone and carefully crossed the fragments to grab Sanford’s arm. Being angry can’t solve problems. You have to learn to control your emotions. When I was your age, I could express myself clearly

That woman is my mommy. She is still alive, isn’t she?” 

Alick didn’t answer Sanford

Say something!Sanford was so agitated that he pushed Alick hard. Caught off guard, Alick supported himself with his hand and felt a sharp pain in his palm

deserve it.” 

Seeing Alick bleeding, Sanford turned his head awkwardly. His manner finally relaxed

It was a shallow wound. When Alick was about to call out, Bill came over in a hurry

I said I would postpone the meeting.” 

It’s not about the company.” 

When Bill saw Alick’s bleeding hand, his heart tightened. Alick looked more terrible

Mr. Hill, Ms. Whiteis missing!” 

Bill added in a hurry, I’ve sent people to look for her.” 

Keep an eye on Sanford.” 

Mr. Hill! Your hand!Bill failed to stop Alick, so he had to coax Sanford



Emergency calls only DOK 

Chapter 11 

68% 17:51 

The little Mr. Hill, let me carry you out.” 

Sanford didn’t lose his temper and resist Bill

As the manager of Hotel Caesar, Vance was very anxious. Alick asked Vance to keep an eye on Summer, but Summer escaped from his hotel. Vance would be doomed

Hurry up! Don’t stay here! Continue to check the surveillance video!” 


paced back and forth in the monitoring room. He grabbed a man and said, Call all the people who have been to the third floor during this period!” 

After a while, the man turned back. When Vance was about to reprimand him, he suddenly lost his voice and 


Mr. Hillyou are here.Vance hurriedly fetched a chair, but Alick didn’t want to sit down

Have you found her?Alick’s face darkened

rconditioner in the room was on, but Vance’s palms were still sweating

We’re looking for her.” 

After a while

Mr. Hill, the surveillance video of Ms. White’s disappearance has been replaced” 

Vance was displeased. The security of the hotel hadn’t gone wrong for so many years. He got involved in this. matter not long after becoming the hotel manager

When Vance was hesitating about whether he needed to call the police or not, there was a sharp rap, and several people stood outside

Come in.It raised Vance’s hope

Alick watched the surveillance video while Vance asked them urgently

I didn’t find anything unusual on the third floor.” 

Emergency calls only

Chapter 11 

I ran into a gentleman on the third floor. There’s nothing else,a hotel maid said quickly

The hope was slim, and Vance’s heart sank


Another silent hotel maid patted his head and suddenly remembered something met the little Mr. Hill on the 

third floor

The little Mr. Hill? When?Vance was surprised.. 

About an hour ago.” 

The hotel maid replied seriously when he saw Alick looking at him

An hour ago?” 

Alick suddenly asked. Vance became nervous again. Vance elbowed the hotel maid and said, Mr. Hill is asking you. Think it over before you say it.” 

Yes, Mr. Hill.” 

Alick frowned. Two hours ago, he had taken Sanford back to the villa. During this period, Sanford had been with 


But the little Mr. Hill didn’t appear in the surveillance video of this hour.” 

Seeing that Alick and Vance didn’t believe him, the hotel maid was anxious. The little Mr. Hill wears a brown windbreaker, a pair of jeans, and a baseball cap” 

The hotel maid looked serious and didn’t seem to be lying

But it was not Sanford’s style of dressing. Suddenly, an idea occurred to Alick

Stop checking the surveillance video.” 

Hearing this, Vance felt nervous and looked at Alick

What did Mr. Hill mean

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

Summer’s S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 4/22/2024 Native Language: English
Summer's S**y Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin (Alick Hill ) Summer White had been an orphan since childhood. The closest person to her should be her husband, Jonathan Hill, whom she has only met twice since they married.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle

Four years ago, Summer suffered from severe bleeding during childbirth and was on the verge of death, but the attending doctor saved her life. The doctor was her college classmate and discovered that the culprit for her difficult childbirth was actually her husband. He took it upon himself to announce Summer’s death to get her out of the miserable marriage.Alick Hill was the young heir of the prestigious Hill family. Due to a drunken encounter with Summer, he got her pregnant. Consequently, Alick’s grandfather ordered him to marry Summer. As a rebellious but devoted grandson, Alick dared not go against his ailing grandfather. He saw the marriage as a mere tool, planning to nullify the marriage as soon as Summer gave birth to the kids.In Euldon, four years later, Summer White, who had now changed her name to Rachel Wright, was playing with two cute kids.

Summer's Sexy Back with Two Babies by Danielle Griffin


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