The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 56

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 56

Chapter 56 

The reason was that Olivia had no idea what their relationship was. It seemed that relationships could become complicated as soon as sex was involved

Why couldn’t you tell me?he asked. It’s not your fault. On the contrary, it’s Naomi and me who put you in this position.” 

His words were whispered into her ear, creating an intimate atmosphere between them

Olivia could only cry weakly in his embrace

When she eventually looked up, their eyes locked onto each other. Neither could look away from the other’s gaze

The soft lighting illuminated her teary face in the dim room, creating a romantic ambiance

As Tyler instinctively leaned closer to her lips, she dodged his advance. They remained silent, lost in their thoughts

She felt pain as she looked down, while he continued to stare at her face

However, after a few moments of hesitation, he leaned in and kissed her lips

They had never kissed outside the bedroom before. Olivia was still crying, and her tears mingled with their kiss. Nevertheless, he kissed her even more passionately, as if trying to erase the saltiness of her tears

It felt like he was comforting her


school handled the matter swiftly. All news about it disappeared after that night

The following morning, Olivia couldn’t find any news about the incident on the school forum. She appeared tired as she sat down at the dining table. The maid served her a glass of warm milk

Meanwhile, Tyler sat across from her and spoke, Drink the milk. I’ve dealt with. the school. Nobody will bring it up again.” 

Her downcast expression flickered when she heard his words. Softly, she replied, Got it,before taking a sip of the milk

He refrained from speaking further, merely observing her battered countenance as they both ate breakfast

Concerned that his presence might affect her, Tyler didn’t arrange for his driver to take her to school

The stares she received at school were no longer as piercing, and the gossip had. dissipated

While she was lost in thought on her way to class, Sophie patted her shoulder from behind

Olivia, the school released a statement stating that the person who dropped your off at school was a family member. They advocated for justice on your behalf.” 

For some reason, Olivia couldn’t seem to brighten up. She replied gloomily,That’s great.” 

Sophie, on the other hand, was thrilled. Now everyone knows that you come from a wealthy family!” 

ne she 


Olivia had typically worked parttime, leading most people to from an average family. When they saw those pictures, they jumped to the conclusion that she had a sugar daddy. Nobody had ever suspected it might be a family member dropping her off

Sophie continued, Mr. Tyler is family, after all. They would’ve been shocked if they knew it was Tyler in the car.” 

Tyler was a significant contributor to the school, with the Harris family making substantial annual donations

Olivia felt weary of Sophie’s constant chatter and mumbled to herself, As long as the misunderstanding is gone now.” 

Sophie gripped her shoulders, trying to comfort her. Don’t worry, nobody dares to gossip about you again.” 

Olivia merely gave a brief acknowledgment

After walking together for a while, they parted ways at a fork in the path, each heading in a different direction

Olivia went to the lab and felt anxious when she arrived. However, to her surprise, the girls who had requested to change teams the previous day quickly apologized to her. They admitted they had been misled by the pictures

Her fear lessened when they apologized, and she softly responded, It’s okay.” 

Her only hope now was for the incident to fade away as quickly as possible, leaving no trace behind

She remained in the lab, conducting experiments until 9 P.M.. By the time she 

left, it was pitch dark outside, and a heavy rain was pouring down

Realizing she hadn’t brought an umbrella, she reluctantly decided to share one with a girl from the lab on the way to the school entrance. The rainstorm was fierce, rendering the street vendor’s umbrellas useless

As she contemplated whether to call the maid to inform her of her late return, her phone rang. The caller’s name read Tyleron the screen, causing her heart to skip a beat. After a few moments of hesitation, she answered, her tone somber, Tyler.” 

Are you still at school?came Tyler’s voice

At the entrance, there were only a few people around at that moment. Standing in a dark corner and getting soaked in the rain, she replied, Yes, I might be home late.” 

To her surprise, Tyler responded, I thought you didn’t bring an umbrella, so I came to pick you up.” 

As soon as he said that, a black car slowly pulled over in front of her

Olivia stared at the car. After a moment of silence, she put down her phone and got into the car, unaware that someone stood 100 meters away from her, holding an umbrella in the dark and watching her every move

The car door closed, and she found herself sitting next to Tyler, with the loud noise of the rain now blocked by the car doors. The inside of the car was quiet, and neither of them spoke

A soft, warm light above the car illuminated their surroundings as they drove away from the school

After they departed, the person who had been watching Olivia from a distance remained motionless in the dark

At midnight in the Sandalwood Palace, Olivia lay in Tyler’s bed after taking a shower.

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Olivia, an illegitimate daughter, didn't care about getting rich or famous. She just wanted to live a quiet life with her boyfriend and spend the rest of her days with him. Her sister, though, had a great life with a loving family and a fiance, Tyler Harris, who deeply cared for her.

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

   But when her sister got very sick, her perfect life began to fall apart. Her sister asked her for something huge and unexpected: have a baby with Tyler. Olivia was shocked and thought it was crazy, but her father kept telling her she should do it, and she felt like she had no choice but to agree. Then came the night when the expressionless Tyler kissed Olivia, and that kiss marked the start of many troubles. Everyone knew Olivia as gentle and meek, but she was much more than that. Now, stuck in this mess, it looked like everyone else might finally get to see the real her...  

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )


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