The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 57

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Chapter 57

Chapter 57 

Tyler was supposed to attend a morning meeting, but he ended up missing it because he couldn’t bring himself to get out of bed

At noon, they both sat down to have lunch at the dining table. Knowing that Olivia was in her fourth year of college and would soon graduate, Tyler inquired about her plans for the future

Olivia, who majored in medicine and frequently spent her time in the lab, replied, I don’t know yet.” 

Sitting across from her, Tyler suggested, Are you busy today?” 

Perplexed by his question, Olivia looked at him for clarification

Do you want to visit the Harris Group with me?Tyler proposed after a brief pause. He added, My secretary happens to be off today, so you can do a oneday internship.” 

Concerned about her lack of experience, Olivia hesitated and worried if she would be a burden to him. But I have noexperience, and I know nothing. Will I stir up trouble for you?” 

In reality, Tyler was worried that she would overthink at home. Think of it as taking a break. Besides, I’m confident you can handle serving drinks. It’s not a difficult task.‘ 

Clutching her cutlery, Olivia found the idea doable. Then, she asked, Tyler, since you want me to work for you, will you pay me?” 

This mischievous question caught Tyler’s attention, and he set his soup bowl aside, giving her a serious look as he contemplated her request. Tell me how you’d like to do it, and I’ll do as you say.” 

Blushing slightly, Olivia backtracked, I was just kidding, I didn’t mean it.” 

Seeing her embarrassment, Tyler suggested, Let’s see how well you perform today. If you do a good job, I might consider paying you.” 

She smiled when she heard that. I’ll do my best.” 

Tyler continued, I have high standards for my secretary.” 

A hint of annoyance crossed Olivia’s face, finding him somewhat exasperating

In the afternoon, they ventured out together. Olivia dressed appropriately in 

office wear, resembling a secretary, and stood beside Tyler in the elevator. Many 

people couldn’t help but glance at her curiously


Feeling nervous, Olivia moved to stand behind Tyler, who was surrounded by several people. Tyler made no effort to explain her presence or the purpose of her visit to the curious onlookers

The elevator ride felt like an eternity as they ascended from the first floor to the thirtieth. Finally, when the doors opened, no one dared to move. Tyler exited first, and Olivia hesitated about whether to follow

Tyler stopped outside the elevator and cast a brief glance at her in the corner. Olivia quickly realized he was waiting for her, prompting her to step out and trail behind him

Maintaining close proximity, Tyler quietly instructed, Follow me,and only she could hear his words

Nervously, Olivia replied, Yes, Mr. Tyler,and followed closely behind him

Tyler stopped looking at her and went on walking. The rest of the people came out as well, and they followed him, while Olivia walked next to him

In Tyler’s office, Olivia quickly adapted to the situation and began serving drinks. At this moment, serving drinks was the only task she knew how to handle

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 2/29/2024 Native Language: English
The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler ) Olivia, an illegitimate daughter, didn't care about getting rich or famous. She just wanted to live a quiet life with her boyfriend and spend the rest of her days with him. Her sister, though, had a great life with a loving family and a fiance, Tyler Harris, who deeply cared for her.

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )

   But when her sister got very sick, her perfect life began to fall apart. Her sister asked her for something huge and unexpected: have a baby with Tyler. Olivia was shocked and thought it was crazy, but her father kept telling her she should do it, and she felt like she had no choice but to agree. Then came the night when the expressionless Tyler kissed Olivia, and that kiss marked the start of many troubles. Everyone knew Olivia as gentle and meek, but she was much more than that. Now, stuck in this mess, it looked like everyone else might finally get to see the real her...  

The Beginning Of All Sins ( Olivia and Tyler )


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