The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 441

The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Maybe He Wanted to Play Games with You

In the end, Cassie compromised for Marion’s blissful marriage. She agreed to Marion’s suggestion, and the two chose a Mexican restaurant with relatively few people

After filling their bellies, Cassie tactfully suggested, You know, Marion, I can just take a cab back myself. You don’t have to accompany me.” 

Marion shook her head. It’s not safe to take a cab alone. I’ll take 


Cassie was relieved. She quickly settled the bill and went back to the parking lot with 


It was seven o’clock, and the sun was setting, casting shadows over the city. The traffic was not great today, with frequent stops and starts

Cassie was about to ask Marion if she knew whether Lucas would be at the scene on the 

17th when Marion’s phone rang

The traffic light ahead turned green, making it inconvenient for Marion to answer. Cassie took the liberty to do it for her


It was Lucas on the line, asking Marion what time she planned to return home. Cassie could hear the affection in his deep voice, and she thought, ‘I might as well have taken

cab home!‘ 

Marion was flustered. I’m dropping Cassie off right now. I should be home by eight.” 

Alright, then, drive safe. See you in a bit.‘ 

After Lucas hung up, Cassie could not help but feel a sour sensation in her mouth, even though they had not said much. She put her phone down and looked at Marion, who was focused on driving

Suddenly, a ridiculous thought popped into her head

Could Lucas have known all along that Marion was JJ

She recalled the things Amber, Marion’s bitchy friend, had told her, and the possibility seemed even greater! 

The traffic light turned red, and the car slowed to a stop

Cassie cleared her throat and looked at Marion earnestly. Um, can I ask you a question?” 

Marion turned her head slightly and saw Cassie’s serious expression. Thinking it was some serious question, she could not help but feel a bit nervous. What’s up? Do you think I’ve been neglecting you since I got married?” 

It’s not about that. I was just joking about it!” Cassie paused for a moment. I wanted to ask if it’s crossed your mind that Lucas might have known all along that you’re JJ?” 

Marion blinked and then chuckled as she looked at Cassie. No way. You’re overthinking 


Though it was not as if Marion herself had not thought it before

Cassie was not convinced. How am I overthinking it? Why would Lucas suddenly marry someone he didn’t even know? Didn’t Amber say? He has a sweetheart, and he never misses her matches

If he didn’t already know you were JJ, how could he have easily agreed to such a bizarre marriage proposal from you? He’s Lucas, not Jameson! Do you think just because he bumped into you, he would compensate for it with his marriage?” 

Cassie became more excited as she spoke, but Marion found her words increasingly absurd. You’re thinking too much. If he knew I was JJ, why didn’t he just give me a jet ski for my birthday?” 

Maybe he wanted to play games with you?” 

Marion was at a loss for words

Stop talking. I need to focus on driving. Miss Cassie, please don’t distract the driver!” 

Marion was afraid she would say something even weirder in the next second, so she quickly intervened

Cassie, who had not even thought about anything inappropriate in the first place, thought to herself

Who’s the one with the dirty thoughts, huh, Marion?!‘ 

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Marion Cartier and Jameson Royce, childhood sweethearts of twelve years, had been together for three years. The union of the prominent families, the Cartiers and the Royces, created a grand spectacle that left Lumina City's socialites envious.

The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

  However, on the wedding day, amidst the guests and the festive atmosphere, a single phone call led Jameson to abandon the elegantly dressed Marion. His runaway act at the wedding turned Marion into a laughingstock for everyone in Lumina City. Yet, before the laughter could settle, they witnessed Marion posting her marriage to Lucas Craig with a single word caption: [Married.] Following closely was a post from Lucas, who had not shared any updates for years: [Read.]Some claimed Marion had a stroke of luck, one door closing and another one opening up right after. Jameson and Lucas were deemed incomparable by online netizens. Faced with sour comments, Marion consistently responded with grace.Until one day, a daring financial journalist asked Lucas how he evaluated this marriage. Just when everyone expected Lucas to arrogantly mock Marion, he calmly uttered, "You get what you wish for."


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