The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 442

The Bride s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Missing Her 

Marion did not pay any mind to Cassie’s words. Cassie’s guess was something Marion had thought about it ages ago

It simply did not make sense

If Lucas knew she was JJ all along, why did he not just say it when Amber mentioned how his sweetheart was a jet ski racer

Obviously, Lucas had no idea she was JJ

The traffic light turned red ahead, and Marion slowed the car to a stop. She picked up her phone and checked the time. It was almost eight

Lucas sent her a message, along with a picture

Curious, she opened it, only to find a picture of the moon

Marion did not quite understand. She replied with a question mark. [What’s up?] 

Instead of answering her question, Lucas only told her to focus on the road

Marion felt puzzled and instinctively glanced at the moon outside

Hmm, there was nothing special about it

If she had to say, the moon tonight was unusually round

With four seconds left until the light turned green, she put her phone down and prepared 

to head off

The traffic was smooth, and Marion returned home to the villa without any hindrance

However, she could not shake off the meaning behind Lucas’s picture during the drive. Once she parked the car, she rushed out of the garage

Just a few steps out of the garage, Marion saw a man standing in the darkness. He was wearing a white casual shirt, looking at her. 

Marion blinked, staring at Lucas in front of her. She hesitated for a second before rushing over to him

It had been almost a day since they last saw each other

Lucas opened his arms and immediately pulled her into an embrace

Marion crashed into his embrace, enveloped by the familiar scent of cedarwood

Feeling slightly embarrassed, she loosened her grip after a moment and stepped out of his embrace. Why did you send me a picture of the moon?” 

Lucas lifted his hand and brushed aside a few stray strands of hair on her cheek. The moon tonight is pretty.” 

Marion looked up at the sky and nodded in agreement. Yeah, it is. The moon is so round tonight!” 

Lucas looked at her and added softly, I want to enjoy the moon with Mrs. Craig.” 

At first, Marion did not catch on, happily responding, Sure!” 

The moon really did look beautiful tonight, and the weather was nice toogentle breeze and clear skies, perfect for moongazing

However, she had spent the whole day practicing on the jet ski outside. Even though she had taken a shower before coming back, Marion still felt sweaty

Can I take a shower first?” 


His gaze swept over her lips, and he nodded in response before leading her into the villa

Once inside, Lucas let go of her hand. Marion glanced at him, then watched as he walked to the kitchen island to grab a glass of water. Her eyes brightened with anticipation, and she hurried upstairs, pulling the straps of her backpack along the way

Marion headed straight into the closet, grabbed a set of pajamas, and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower

After washing her hair and spending some time blowdrying it until it was halfway dry, she finally stepped out

As she opened the bathroom door, Marion did not see Lucas

She walked to the vanity, poured some moisturizer into her palm, applied it to her face

and walked out

No one was in the living room, either

Perhaps he was in the garden… 

Just as Marion was about to leave the room, she caught sight of someone standing on the balcony out of the corner of her eye

The loose white shirt of the man fluttered in the wind. Marion looked at Lucas’s back and suddenly remembered what he had said downstairs half an hour ago

The moon tonight looks pretty.” 

I want to enjoy the moon with Mrs. Craig.” 

Finally, Marion understood the double entendre behind Lucas’s words

Moongazing was a pretense. Wanting her was the truth

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

The Bride’s Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2/14/2024 Native Language: English
The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce ) Marion Cartier and Jameson Royce, childhood sweethearts of twelve years, had been together for three years. The union of the prominent families, the Cartiers and the Royces, created a grand spectacle that left Lumina City's socialites envious.

The Bride's Revenge ( Marion Cartier And Jameson Royce )

  However, on the wedding day, amidst the guests and the festive atmosphere, a single phone call led Jameson to abandon the elegantly dressed Marion. His runaway act at the wedding turned Marion into a laughingstock for everyone in Lumina City. Yet, before the laughter could settle, they witnessed Marion posting her marriage to Lucas Craig with a single word caption: [Married.] Following closely was a post from Lucas, who had not shared any updates for years: [Read.]Some claimed Marion had a stroke of luck, one door closing and another one opening up right after. Jameson and Lucas were deemed incomparable by online netizens. Faced with sour comments, Marion consistently responded with grace.Until one day, a daring financial journalist asked Lucas how he evaluated this marriage. Just when everyone expected Lucas to arrogantly mock Marion, he calmly uttered, "You get what you wish for."


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