The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 31

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 31

Chapter 31 

Wyatt’s words indicated that he was going against the others in the room

The buzzing atmosphere in the living room came to a halt. Unfriendly gazes were directed at him

Maya was the first to speak up. What did you mean by that, Wyatt? Everyone is enthusiastic in gathering funds for Hayley. Derek has even offered to put in his savings for his funeral. You’re not investing a single cent. Yet, you’re sitting here and spewing cynical comments?” 

Savings for his funeral

Wasn’t she cursing Derek to die soon

Wyatt frowned. Maya was too bigheaded right now. She was even disrespecting Derek

Before Hayley Pharmaceuticals rose to its current success, their entire family used to rely on Derek. His words used to be of utmost importance

Maya may be straightforward, but what she said was true.” 

Cole said angrily, Your remarks are just sour grapes, Wyatt. Just shut your mouth if you don’t have money to invest!” 

Hayley’s company is doing so well. Any investment now is sure to profit. What risks could there be? Shut your blabbermouth up. What a party pooper!The Lawsons were dissatisfied

There are always risks involved in investing in the stock market. It’s fine if you’re investing using extra savings. However, if you’re betting all your savings on it, what happens if you lose it all? What are you going to do then?” 

Wyatt said this for Derek’s sake

They might not have a chance to meet after this family dinner. He hoped that Derek could enjoy his old 

age. He didn’t want him to suffer from po 

Wyatt’s words gave Derek a realization. He had been a businessman his entire life after all. He was misled 

by the Lawson family earlier and lost his rationality

Now that he had a clearer mind, he had come to a decision. The most that he would chip in was half of 

his savings

No business in the world could ever guarantee profit. Any investment would come with risks

For instance, there used to be a popular beer factory in Yonada. During the peak of its glory, an unscrupulous worker contaminated their product with urine. In the end, it closed down

That being said, everyone else was in an outrage after hearing Wyatt’s remarks

Shut up, you asshole!” 

Maya slammed the table. She was so mad that her entire body was shaking. What the hell are you talking 

about? Lose it all? Watch your mouth!” 

Fuck off!” 

What a joke. Hayley Pharmaceuticals has just joined hands with the Moore family. Its share price is certainly going to rise. How could you be so mean, Wyatt? You have ill wishes against Hayley Pharmaceuticals, don’t you?William fanned the flames

Hayley was extremely pissed off too. She said coldly, Stop saying such things, Wyatt. You’re only embarrassing yourself!” 

At last, the family dinner ended unhappily because of Wyatt, the shit stirrer

Even so, Wyatt felt pretty good. Thanks to his reminder, Derek had made a rational decision in the end. He decided to invest only three million dollars

Even if he were to lose all that money, he would still have three million in his pocket. That would be enough for him to spend in his remaining years

This was Wyatt’s final way of showing his care toward Derek

Moreover, he had angered the Lawsons with his words, so much so that they were slamming tables and chairs. As a result, many negative emotions were released. These had all been absorbed by the pendant

After Wyatt left, he went straight back to Elmswood Mansion. He continued his cultivation

Just a few days ago, at Tivoli Mansion, his Emerald Pendant had absorbed the negative emotions that 

were released before Kaleb’s and his men’s death

On top of that, it had also gathered the negativity from today’s family dinner. The cursed energy that it was transformed into was almost sufficient for him to reach the fourth stage of energy

Nonetheless, Wyatt’s most important mission right now was not to reach a higher realm. He had to first get rid of the evil curse fog that was generated from the third stage of energy

In the past, he had disregarded the issue with the evil curse fog. Because of that, he went insane at such a key moment and almost lost his life

This time, he started cultivating from ground zero. Naturally, getting rid of the evil curse fog was of utmost importance to him

He had to clear out all the evil curse fog in his body. Only then would he be able to achieve the fourth stage of energy

Right at that moment, Ann called

Initially, Wyatt wasn’t planning to entertain her. But, she called him three times in a row. So, he ended up answering her call

Where are you, Wyatt? I’ll go over to you.Ann’s tone was a little urgent

I’m at Elmswood Mansion. Come over,Wyatt answered



Not long after, Ann arrived. She dressed casually. She wore a white shirt and jeans

Even so, her beauty was exquisite and eyecatching. Her dazzling figure was teeming with sexiness. Although she was wearing a plain white top, her allure was enough to make one go into ecstasies

She had beautiful legs, a slim waist, and a peachy butt. Every part of her was attractive

Upon seeing her, Wyatt couldn’t help but be reminded of the time when he helped to detoxify her at Tivoli Mansion. He started to feel warm

What’s my baby’s daddy doing at home alone?” 

Ann blinked. She had big eyes. There was a hint of sharp wits and cunningness in her eyes. These harmonized perfectly with her attractiveness that could make anyone enchanted by her

Save it. The more you say it, you might actually make me become your baby’s dad.Wyatt smiled slightly as he snuck a peek at Ann’s sexy figure

He was neither a saint nor a naive man

Ann glared at Wyatt. They had already done it. Yet, he wasn’t willing to admit it. Even until now, she wasn’t sure if she was pregnant with his child

She entered his place. She went to sit on the sofa with her legs crossed. The Hutchinsons have been so quiet these three days. Don’t you think that it’s strange?” 

What I find even more odd than that is that your family has been quieter than the Hutchinsons,Wyatt 


I have been so busy with doing business all day. I don’t have time to care about the Hutchinsons. That 

said, this problem still needs to be solved, sooner or later” 

Ann had a merciless look in her eyes

I can help you, Wyatt offered coldly

He had already made a promise to Thomas He would not go against his promise

He planned to help her fully resolve her issue at Yonada. That way, he would no longer have to be tangled 

up with her

My man truly cares for me.Ann giggled. Her smile was as bright as the sun

You’re still saying such things, aren’t you? I shall make your wish come true, then!” 

A charming smirk came across Wyatt’s face. Then, he pounced on her

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

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The Divorced Girlboss' Regret ( Wyatt Coleman's ) Wyatt Coleman's wife, a company's president, demands a divorce. As soon as Wyatt is kicked out of the house, his beautiful ex-wife starts to regret her decision...

The Divorced Girlboss' Regret



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