The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 61

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 61

Chapter 61 

Wyatt made a swift exit

He never expected that the eight characters he casually wrote down would cause such a huge commotion, sparking a bidding frenzy among several bosses, with bids reaching up to


It was beyond belief

Valuing his calligraphy artwork at a hundred thousand per piece was beyond his 


Wyatt wasn’t into that vibe, so he left straight away

Meanwhile, the scene wasn’t finished yet

Delia Duke, the female entrepreneur who had bid a billion, was the general manager of Yonada’s renowned Angel Investment, known as the Investment Queen. She had control 

over hundreds of billions in funds. Her bid of a billion hushed the other bosses

However, Ann shut down the whole commotion by saying, I’m not selling it, not even for

billion dollars!” 

Hayley didn’t know how she walked out of the venue. Her mind was somewhat foggy

She had just labeled Wyatt as a worthless loser. But in a flash, he had created a value of over 

a billion

Those eight characters and that enormous sum felt like a harsh blow to her pride. 

Now she understood her own ignorance and foolishness

What was even more absurd was her shortlived agreement with Ann

There was no need to compare anymore, the outcome was evident

Wyatt’s effortless strokes left William feeling inferior. What more needed to be said

Hayley felt like she had hit rock bottom

She even suspected that Wyatt’s calligraphy had influenced the partnership between Hayley Pharmaceuticals and the Moore family

Ann was the one who made the decision. Given Wyatt’s close relationship with her, how 

Chapter 61 


could William even stand a chance of changing her mind?It was all over for Linda

Having regrets, Hayley?Cole sighed, looking at dispirited Hayley

Hayley lifted her head slowly, her eyes regaining their determination. Dad, I have no regrets. What if he’s good at calligraphy? Even if he becomes the greatest calligrapher of all time, it doesn’t matter to me

“I don’t need a man who can write. I need someone capable, someone who can support me in my career!” 

Yeah, what does good calligraphy matter? Too much of it, and it loses its value,Maya sneered. No matter how great his calligraphy is, he’s just a useless scholar!” 

Matthew nodded in agreement. I reckon those wealthy folks were all hired by Ann. Selling eight characters for a billion? That’s just fooling people!” 

But with Ann backing up Wyatt, it’s not good for you. If Ann undermines you, you won’t be able to handle it.Cole worried

After a brief daze, Hayley regained her composure. Dad, I’m not afraid. If Ann stoops that low, I’ll seek partnerships elsewhere. As long as I have the ace in the hole of Cough Medicine, I’ll always come out on top

Ann thinks she can get to me like this, but she’s mistaken. This battle is just getting started!Flames blazed in Hayley’s eyes

In the luxurious car, Ann glanced at Wyatt in the passenger seat. Hey, why did you leave early? Didn’t you notice everyone was praising your calligraphy? Why are you so indifferent

Wyatt smiled helplessly. He wasn’t chasing after calligraphy. He was chasing after 


When they recognized you as Mr. Cowan, did you see Hayley’s shocked expression? She was stunned, her reaction was priceless. She must regret divorcing you. How does that make you feel? I’m pretty satisfied. This proud woman has been dealt a significant blow,Ann said enthusiastically. 

But Wyatt shook his head, saying, You don’t get her. You’re underestimating her. She’s not the type to give up easily

This will only fuel her competitiveness, and she won’t regret it unless she’s desperate.He knew Hayley inside and out

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

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The Divorced Girlboss' Regret ( Wyatt Coleman's ) Wyatt Coleman's wife, a company's president, demands a divorce. As soon as Wyatt is kicked out of the house, his beautiful ex-wife starts to regret her decision...

The Divorced Girlboss' Regret



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