The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 62

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s ) Chapter 62

Chapter 62 

Hayley would only have humbled herself if she had been defeated at her proudest and everything she owned had been taken away

Wyatt was definitely anticipating that moment. When she snatched away their daughter’s life, she sealed her fate to a lifetime of regret

“To her, maybe this battle’s just getting started. You don’t gotta jump in. This is between her and me.Wyatt shot a glance at Ann

Let’s go, find that big shot, and get the Snowwood Froststone.” 

Ann nodded and started the car

During the journey, as Ann explained, Wyatt gained a basic understanding of the big shot

His name was Sebastian Lorn, known as Mr. Lorn in the martial world, with a sketchy past

He used to be a big shot in the martial world, still under 50 but held in high regard, and he had a habit of acting superior

Afterward, Sebastian managed to clean up his act. He gained control of several publicly traded companies and established extensive connections. He was widely acknowledged as a big shot among Yonada’s upper crust

We’ve arrived!Ann pulled up to a mansion in the eastern outskirts of Yonada, the words Martial Arts Gardenglinting in gold on its facade

As they stepped inside, they saw 18 real weapons placed on both sides of the gate

The whole garden was filled with martial arts stuff

Is Mr. Lorn into martial arts?Wyatt asked

Nope,Ann chuckled. Mr. Lorn isn’t into martial arts himself. It’s because his daughter is a big fan and totally obsessed with them. So, he’s built this Martial Arts Garden specifically 

for her.” 

He’s really fond of his daughter.Wyatt felt a sudden pang in his heart

Yeah, Mr. Lorn has only one precious daughter, whom he cherishes like a gem. He left the martial world back then for her,Ann explained.. 

Wyatt fell silent. If his daughter was still alive, he would choose to keep the Dragon Seal forever, opting to remain an ordinary guy

Soon after, they encountered Sebastian in an octagonal pavilion

Sebastian wore a black suit, looking serious and commanding, like a real big shot

Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Lorn.Ann quickly approached

Sebastian was quite friendly toward Ann. He had business ties with the Moore family, making them partners in their dealings

Upon spotting Wyatt, Sebastian’s enthusiasm waned. After all the time he spent waiting with his distinguished status, he wasn’t expecting to meet a mere youngster. A look of disdain crept onto his face

When Wyatt explained his interest in buying Snowwood Froststone, Sebastian immediately 

turned him down

Ann’s attempts to intervene were futile. Firstly, Snowwood Froststone was Sebastian’s prized possession, and secondly, he held a low opinion of Wyatt

Buying his treasure? What a joke

At this moment, a young woman dressed in a white martial arts outfit with a ponytail walked over. She walked steadily with bright eyes

She was Sebastian’s daughter, Mona Lorn

Dad, do we have guests at home?Mona glanced at Wyatt and Ann

Sebastian nodded slightly. They exchanged a few words, then Mona got up and left

As she walked past Wyatt, she glanced at him and secretly thought he was quite handsome 

Is that Ms. Lorn?Wyatt asked after she walked away. 

Exactly, my beloved daughter, Mona Lorn,Sebastian said proudly

Wyatt frowned and stepped forward. Mr. Lorn, pardon my frankness, but Mona won’t make it past three days.” 

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

The Divorced Girlboss’ Regret ( Wyatt Coleman’s )

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The Divorced Girlboss' Regret ( Wyatt Coleman's ) Wyatt Coleman's wife, a company's president, demands a divorce. As soon as Wyatt is kicked out of the house, his beautiful ex-wife starts to regret her decision...

The Divorced Girlboss' Regret



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