The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 155

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 155


Chapter 155 

Elara was still reeling from the chaos when the lab’s hefty door swung open, and in strode Jacob, the head honcho of Phoenix Lab, tralled by a posse that meant business. He cast a mocking glance around the room, his chuckle sending a chill down everyone’s spine

Step out for a quick powwow, and look what happensthis place turns into a regular circus! Ryker, Zack, you two really outdid yourselves, didn’t you?” 

Jacob exuded an air of authority that was unmistakable, a naturalborn leader with an innate sense of command. His entourage included a squad of SWAT members who stepped up to grace Ryker and Zack with a pair of shiny silver bracelets

With a composed aura, Jacob eyed the crowd. This mess has ruffled some serious feathers. I’ve called in the big guns for an investigation, so let’s all put our pet projects on ice and play ball. If there’s any more rotten apples in Phoenix Lab, they won’t find sanctuary here!” 

He was fuming

His own turf, his own mess, and it had to be some other lab that blew the whistle

During the meeting, as he showcased their latest breakthrough, he didn’t hesitate to click on the incoming video. The content, now witnessed by the creme de la creme of the scientific community, was out of the bag, and all Jacob could do was watch helplessly as the footage played to its embarrassing end

Now, these two had made a name for themselves all righta name that would live in infamy

Phoenix Lab’s reputation was in tatters

As the two culprits were escorted out, Jacob was practically steaming

After sorting out the fallout, he finally approached Elara and gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder

Rough day, huh? Take a couple of days to yourself, Elara. Oh, and introduce me to your sister, would you?” 

Elara eyed him warily. Boss, my troubles are nothing to sweat over, but why the sudden interest in my sister? You’re pushing fiftydon’t tell me you’ve gotyou know” 

She gave him a look that mixed disdain with suspicion, as if he was some sort of creep

Jacob’s patience wore thin, and he slapped her shoulder in exasperation

Cut me some slack, will ya? Can’t I meet my future nieceinlaw without you jumping to conclusions? Get your mind out of the gutter!” 

He whipped out his phone, flashing Elara a photo of himself with Sexton

In the picture, Jacob stood proudly next to Palmer, the family resemblance clear, and the domestic bliss unmistakable



Chapter 159 

Rubbing her sore shoulder, Elara gaped at the photo. Boss, I heard rumors you were some tycoon’s kid, but SextonWait, what are you doing in research?” 

Wouldn’t it be sweeter to take over the family empire? Was the Pollack fortune not enough, or was the lure of the lab too strong for Jacob to resist

Pocketing his phone, Jacob said cryptically, Isn’t Ms. Schnabel of the Schnabel family also in research?” 

Elara pouted, trying to mask her own sense of defeat. I’m not like you.” 

Realizing something, her eyes suddenly widened. Wait a minute! Boss, don’t tell me you’re not his real son?” 

Watch your mouth, I’m as real as they come. I’m talking about my ideals, my dreamsyou wouldn’t get it. Let’s go meet my nieceinlaw!” 

He had given the lab a day off and rushed back just to meet her

That’s fine, but don’t mention any of this lab drama to Noella, okay? I don’t want her to worry.” 

As Jacob and Elara made their way out, he nodded in agreement. Well, given that your grandmother Freya is aware, it’s certain that the Schnabel family won’t be kept in the dark.” 

During the meeting, Freya had been at Jacob’s side, and when the video surfaced, her expression was one of sheer fury, as if she was ready to storm Phoenix Lab herself

The thought alone made Jacob shiver

Elara, scratching her head in irritation, began to strategize how to explain things to her family when they came across Noella, standing amid the flower beds, engaged in a phone call

The lab’s garden, usually a hub for experimentation, also served as a serene escape

Noella, dressed in a light blue sundress, stood against the vibrant garden backdrop, her long, silk hair elegantly pinned up, revealing a neck as delicate and fine as porcelain

Palmer’s deep, magnetic voice came through the other side of the line. When are you coming back? I miss you.” 

Soon, in a few days.” 

Should I come to you? The company’s pretty quiet right now.” 

No need.” 

Just glancing at the schedule Annie sent to her inbox, Noella could imagine the Pollack Group was anything but quiet, what with taking over three multinational corporations. The finance team probably hadn’t had a break in ages

And Palmer claiming he wasn’t busy? What about Annie mentioning he hadn’t eaten all day because of meetings

Elara wrapped an arm around Noella. Sorry to keep you waiting. Who’s on the line? Let me 


introduce you to our lab director, Mr. Jacob Pollack.” 

Noella met Jacob’s gaze with a polite nod. She was about to speak when Elara whispered conspiratorially. He’s apparently Palmer Pollack’s uncle. He asked to meet you, and I was worried he might haveulterior motives. The Pollack men don’t exactly have the best rep. If you don’t like Palmer Pollack, I’ll find you a better match in the lab. Though, none of them are worthy of our Noella.” 

Noella’s lips twitched as she was about to correct Elara, only to hear Palmer’s icy retort from the phone, Ms. Schnabel, is it decent to poach right in front of me?” 

Elara recoiled as if hit by a bolt of electricity. Noella, why didn’t you tell me you were talking to Mr. Pollack?” 

Noella’s smile was tinged with exasperation as she looked at her sister. She had slightly altered her voice when she arrived at the lab, adopting a different speaking style that Elara wouldn’t recognize

Holding her phone, Noella softly addressed Palmer on the other end. Sorry.” 

No worries, it’s not the first time my fiancée’s family has said things like that. I’ll wait for them to come around. Jacob is indeed my uncle, and if there’s any trouble over there, he’s the guy to call


Palmer hung up the phone reluctantly and picked up the intercom to his executive office. Annie, I need a list of all the researchers at Phoenix Lab, especially the single male ones!” 

What? Mr. Pollack, are youswitching things up? What about Ms. Noella?” 

Palmer rubbed his forehead in frustration, grinding his teeth as he spoke, “Are you looking for an early retirement? We’ve got a project in Tanzania that’s short a project manager.” 

I’ll send it right over! You must be checking to ensure Ms. Noella stays loyal, right? Don’t worry, your charm is unmatched! Ms. Noella and you are a match made in heaven!” 

*Hmph, that’s more like it.” 

Palmer glanced at the documents in front of him, feeling an itch in his heart

Just hearing her voice seemed to unleash a whirlwind of longing within him, making him eager to see her again

Meanwhile, Jacob approached Noella with a gentlemanly smile. “Hello, Ms. Schnabel, I’m Palmer’s uncle. May I call you Noella?” 

Sure, feel free.” 

Facing Noella, Jacob had none of the oppressive aura he carried as a stern lab director; his face wa 

all smiles, as if afraid to spook her. I’ve given Elara some time off these past few 


Chapter 155 

days so she can spend time with you!” 

Thank you, Mr. Sexton.” 

No need to thank me. You can just call me Uncle! If you run into any trouble in Emerald County, just let me know!” 

Noella agreed, watching as Jacob left with a look of pure joy on his face. He approved of this nieceinlaw: she was beautiful, graceful, and poiseda perfect match for his nephew. And to think he had just overheard the alwaysstoic nephew making a phone call to her, that level of affectionit seemed that boy had fallen hard

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/13/2024 Native Language: English
The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) For years, Noella has been the human shield for the true heiress of the Lambert family, Briony - treated poorly and cast out of the house as soon as she came of age.

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Rumor had it that Noella lost her fortune and fell from the wealthy 


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