The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 156

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 156

Chapter 156 

Elara watched Jacob’s retreating figure, then turned to Noella with a mischievous grin

Don’t mind him, Come on, let’s hit the town. I’ll show you around.” 

Emerald County wasn’t exactly sprawling, nor was it tiny, Outside the research facility lay the old county town, where researchers typically passed their time

Noella grabbed Elara’s hand, halting her. I’m beat, Elara. How bout we just chill? Keep me company?” 

Elara’s heart soared like a Fourth of July firework! Her little sis wanted to hang out with her

Blinded by Noella’s gentle, sunny smile, Elara didn’t think twice. She eagerly led Noella toward the Schnabel family’s ancestral home in Emerald County

I usually bunk at the dorms, but it’s kinda cramped. How about we crash at the family estate for a couple of days?” 

Sounds good to me.” 

Noella noticed the dark circles under Elara’s eyes but pretended not to see them

The mansion was always kept spick and span, with its charming rustic aesthetics and timeless appeal illuminated by the warm glow of indoor lights. A relic from the previous century, it would fetch a pretty penny if ever put on the market

At the bedroom door, Elara’s mix of guilt and glee was palpable. Uh, so NoellaSince nobody’s been staying at the mansion, I was worried about security stuff. How about you bunk with me for safety?” 

She twiddled her thumbs, all hopeful and afraid of being seen through. Thankfully, her little sister, ever so innocent and kind, didn’t catch on to her sly moves

Sure, I’ll freshen up, and you can hit the hay.” 

Elara couldn’t be happier! She was gonna share a roomand a bedwith her sister!. 

She did a little victory roll on the bed, giggling into the pillow, then sneakily’messaged the whole Schnabel family

[Guess who’s sleeping with Noella tonight? That’s right, yours truly, Elara. Jealous much?

The Schnabel kin weren’t exactly envious, just a tad bitter, maybe a smidge jealous, and kind of wanting to give Elara a noogie

After freshening up, Noella found Elara already snoozing, clutching a pillow. Her phone screen was still on, displaying a family photo sent by Stirling

Elara looked peaceful in sleep, clearly wiped out

Noella didn’t disturb her. She quietly left the room and sat down in the garden, connecting to 



Chapter 156 

the deep web

Erek’s message popped up

[Boss, top news on the deep web: someone’s looking to score a ticket to Lockhart Prison’s big event. Offering a cool fifty mil.

[The target?

[Unclear, an anonymous ID. We tracked it to the Pacific, then the signal was gone. Also, hot gossip: Arthur Gruber seems keen on making Walden Gruber his heir.

This notsosecret rumor was all over the circles! Everyone’s buzzing about whether Arthur’s gone off his rocker

[Another piece of news: the Gruber family’s gallery just opened across from your spot, run by Yvonne Gruber.

Erek was practically gorging on drama! 

Ashlyn’s adoptive granddaughter turned into a Gruber, and Walden’s now the chosen heir. Erek’s halftempted to ask if the Grubers are prepping for bankruptcy

What were they even thinking

[Keep tabs on Arthur’s mental gymnastics. Any leads, pass em to the rest of the Grubers, and get paid.

[Roger that!

Arthur’s antics were way past quirky, veering into controlled by hallucinogensterritory

Noella flicked off the deep web and skimmed through her phone, replying selectively

Just after texting Palmer, his call came through

Hey, you’ve been ghosting my messages. What gives?” 

Just been off the grid.” 

He’d called hardly half an hour ago; how clingy could a guy get

Miss me yet? I’m really missing you.” 

I’ll be back in a few days.” 

But do you miss me?” 

Noella sighed softly. Palmer, we just saw each other yesterday.” 

He sounded a little down, perhaps a bit wounded. So? My fiancée promised me a latenight snack!” 

She had forgotten their dinner plans, but wasn’t he getting a tad too clingy



Yeah, I miss you.” 

That seemed to do the trick, making up for standing him up

Palmer loosened his tie with a smirk. I missed you too. The Phoenix Lab’s got some trouble brewing, but Uncle’s on it. He’s always been fond of Elara, eyeing her as his protégé.” 

Noella frowned. A protégé? More like a scapegoat.” 

Hadn’t Elara suffered enough at Phoenix Lab? She was a genius, and her talents would shine anywhere

To Neella. Phoenix Lab was lucky to have Elara

Palmer was touched; Noella rarely stood up for someone. It seemed like Noella was in good terms with Elara. He’d treat her family like his own

Uncle’s taken up research after our family hit rough waters,Palmer revealed, his voice tinged with melancholy

What happened?” 

He paused, then continued with a hint of sorrow. If not for that incident, my mom might still be here, and Uncle would’ve settled down.” 

Noella was silent, then whispered, Sorry.” 

Palmer’s tone lightened as he gazed at Noella’s photo on his desk, his eyes soft. Whenever you’re curious about those old stories, my fiancée, I’d love to swap tales.” 

The stories he craved were about her and her past with Polaris Star. Could those memories, lurking in the dark abyss, truly be brought into the light without hesitation

She’d been through the darkness, a taste she wasn’t eager to relive. It wasn’t just her scars; it was a painful chapter that none of the members of Polaris Star wanted to reopen

Noella pursed her lips, her voice icy. “No need, I’m not interested right now.” 

Palmer wasn’t surprised by her rejection. Every time those moments were mentioned, she turned as cold as ice, pushing people miles away

His voice was deep and gentle. I’m not trying to pry, but I look forward to the day my fiancée trusts me enough to share her past. I’ve scheduled a visit to Lockhart Prison for the day after tomorrow. Can you make it back by then?” 

The situation at Lockhart Prison was a tangled mess, not so easy to reschedule

Noella replied, I can.” 

Beneath the haphazard graveyard, Vincent limped to his nowruined wheelchair, every part of him aching

Chapter 156 

He couldn’t fathom what had just happened! How did Noella, that defiant girl, change so drastically

Gritting through the pain, he found a spot to rest. Just as he sat down, he heard Belinda’s bloodcurdling scream

Ah! Honeyyou, you, you” 

What’s the big fuss about? You scared the life out of me.Vincent cursed under his breath as he turned around, only to realize he was sitting atop a pile of bones

Another scream tore through the air

Vincent collapsed on the ground, utterly petrified, his legs throbbing as if they were filled with lead

Good heavens, what in the world is this place?” 

What kind of curse had befallen him

Belinda, recalling Noella’s last words, looked at Vincent with suspicion

If Vincent had another child, how would Briony get anything from the Lambert family’s fortune

Honey, the bracelet Noella was wearing looked like our mom’s old jade bangle. That piece, considering its quality, must be worth a fortune, at least in the six figures.” 

Having grown accustomed to luxury since the rise of the Lambert family, Belinda could tell that bangle wasn’t cheap

You mean the one Mom accidentallylost, the one she wouldn’t give me, claiming it was stolen? Noella took it? I always knew Mom never really lost it!” 

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/13/2024 Native Language: English
The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) For years, Noella has been the human shield for the true heiress of the Lambert family, Briony - treated poorly and cast out of the house as soon as she came of age.

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Rumor had it that Noella lost her fortune and fell from the wealthy 


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