The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 216

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 216

Chapter 216 

Palmer looked up, his gaze meeting the icy calmness of Master Rainer’s eyes, which held a glint of frost 

You know, Palmer, this girl might not have mentioned it, but we Polaris folks are particular about our turf. Even if it’s of no use anymore. you shouldn’t have trespassed.” 

Palmer wasn’t cowed by the warning. He met Master Rainer’s gaze, his voice steady and calm No offense intended, but I’ve got my own matters to investigate Id appreciate your understanding.” 

Master Raine, eyed Palmer for a moment, and then, surprisingly, he laughed. It’s only because of Noella that you dare speak to me like this, isn’t it? Your reputation at the border isn’t exactly stellar” 

You are Noella’s mentor, so it’s only right to show respect.” 

As for reputation, the methods of the Abyssal Organization were swift and decisive. In a world ruled by bloodshed, a good reputation 

was unnecessary

Master Rainer was sure that if he weren’t Noella’s mentor, Palmer wouldn’t be nearly as courteous. 

The lad was being so obliging probably just to make Noella happy, and Master Rainer found that rather pleasing

Mizar chimed in, What’s wrong with a bad reputation? Our boss here doesn’t exactly have the best rep either” 

Noella replied coolly, Rumors. Our organization and my reputation are in good standing.” 

That’s true. Our outfit has achieved a zerocomplaint record on all missions. Both clients and fargets have nothing but rave reviews!” 

Of course, those who couldn’t give a good review were no longer breathing

After Master Rainer arrived at the hotel, he turned to Noella. In the next couple of days, I need to meet an old friend. I’ll get in touch once I’m done.” 

Alright, Пll leave it 

it to your schedule.” 

Mizar muttered, Boss, I sneakily glanced at Master Rainer’s phone. He was secretive about it and wouldn’t let me see. I’m going to tail him for the next couple of days!” 

Do as you wish, but don’t expect me to bail you out if you get caught.” 

if Master Rainer caught her, Mizar wouldn’t be having an easy time

Don’t be so heartless, I think he’s planning to visit Imperial University.” 

Imperial University

Was Master Rainer meeting with Gamrick

Noella quickly changed her mind. Follow him

m, and if anything goes sideways, I’ll get you out.” 

You got it!” 

The car stopped in front of the music store, and Noella pursed her lips as she looked at Palmer beside her. Your body is better suited for rest. There’s no need for you to accompany me here.” 

Don’t worry

out now

I want to be with my fiancée at work. I won’t be a bother, and besides, you promised me a whole day’s date, you can’t back 

Noella’s slender, cool fingers rested on Palmer’s wrist

He looked weary, but his pulse was strong. Since he wasn’t in any serious trouble, Noella didn’t press further and stepped into the music store

The store manager, Terrell, hurried to greet them

“Ms. Schnabel, the music store across has been refurbished, and the financial reports for our shop are on your desk!” 

Thanks for the hard work.” 

The music store across was bought by Yvonne in an attempt to challenge Noella, but fortunately, it became Noella’s property before the Gruber family went bankrupt 

The gallery and music store were next to each other, and to make things convenient for Noella, Beckett had both offices combined, with a decentsized lounge added as well

The office was bathed in light, with floortoceiling windows offering a clear view of the street

Noella picked up the financial reports from her desk as soon as she entered the office

10 56 

The soles of zithers, especially vintage ones, had skyrocketed recently. Several masterpieces had reached exorbitant prices, and the store had held onto them, not rushing to sell 

These prices are good. Why not sell them?” 

Ms. Schnabel, we plan to auction these instruments. We can probably double their prices that way.” 

The zithersmost distinctive feature was the nephrite added to them, but the nephrite on a zither is merely a small part, already polished and fitted as components, lacking the medicinal value 

Noella said calmly. I remember that the last time I was here, the store didn’t have these instruments.” 

Terrell ornned. You must be mistaken. These zithers are the pride of our store!” 

Show them to me” 

Confronted with Noella’s composed gaze, Terrell didn’t panic

While Ms. Schnabel might have proficiency in playing the zither, it was highly unlikely she possessed the expertise to construct one. Zither’s craftsmanship involved intricate details, typically discemible only by seasoned professionals

Please follow me, Ms. Schnabel” 

Noella stood up, with Palmer trailing behind her

He whispered to her, his voice enticing and deep. I missed the chance to see you paint last time. Might I have the pleasure of hearing you play the zither now?” 

If his fiancée was a disciple of Master Rainer, her skills with the zither ought to be quite profound

I’m not in the mood to play right now.” 

Palmer nodded. Alright. The financial report seemed off to me as well. It looks like you have your work cut out for you today.” 

He had glanced at the financial report while she was looking at it. Many figures were clearly off, and with his years of experience in the business world, he had immediately spotted the discrepancies. Yet, he was impressed that Noella needed only a glance to home in ont the most problematic data 

Sometimes, he felt his fiancée was too perfect so much so that the more he got to know her, the closer he wanted to be

Terrell led Noella to the zithers, which were maintained impeccably, their nephrite inlays shining with a subtle luster

“Ms. Schnabel, these zithers have been the talk of the town lately. Once we hold the auction, we are sure to make a handsome profit!Noella’s fingers danced lightly across the strings, and the crisp sound reverberated through the music store, lingering in the air like an echo in a cathedral, revealing the instrument’s quality from a single note

Ms. Schnabel,” the assistant spoke with pride, this is a zither handcrafted by Master Sylvie herself. The nephrite inlay is of the highest quality, making it the most expensive piece among all the harps we’ve got!” 

This masterpiece also features strings personally selected by the renowned luthier, Mr. Rainer Just one strum, Ms. Schnabel, and you’ll recognize the exceptional quality!” 

The zither under Noella’s touch was indeed adomed with exquisite nephrite, and even the slightest pluck of the strings seemed to unleash the thunderous charge of a cavalry, resplendent and majestic

A fine instrument, indeed

But the problem was, since when did she carve this zither? And since when did Master Rainer set strings

The old man named each of his creations, and Noella could spot a Rainer original with just a glance

Noella’s gaze was icy as it fell upon Terrell standing before her

“Are you and Travis twins?” she inquired sharply

Not, Ms. Schnabel, it’s just a coincidence that we share a similar name. The shenanigans he pulled off in the gallery, I had no knowledge of them! Terrell was clearly worried about being implicated

Noella’s eyes narrowed with a touch of disdain. So, you’re not related, yet the stunts you pull are strikingly similar? It seems names can be a twist of fate, and sharing a cell might just be another twist for you two!” 

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/13/2024 Native Language: English
The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) For years, Noella has been the human shield for the true heiress of the Lambert family, Briony - treated poorly and cast out of the house as soon as she came of age.

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Rumor had it that Noella lost her fortune and fell from the wealthy 


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