The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 217

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) CHapter 217

Chapter 217 

Terrell’s face was a study in discomfort, his compasum slipping 

ping like ice on a hot summer day 

Travis, his kin through thick and thin, had been sent up the river by Noella after that fiasco at the art gallery Word on the street was that he was now getting three squares a day behind bars 

Ms. Schnabel, I’m not sure what you’re driving at Terrell stammered, his words chasing each other in confusion

Didn’t you visit him a few days ago? Seemed like he’s living the life.” 

Terrell and Travis shared more than just blood, they shared loyalty. Even with Travis locked away, Terrell made time for brotherly visits Ms. Schnabel, I visited him because we were colleagues once. As for your insinuations, they’re lost on me. Are there any issues with these withers?” 

Noella maised an eyebrow, her expression cool and unreadable. Where did you get these zithers, Terrell?Well, Ms. Schnabel, these zithers have always been at our store! It’s possible that when you visited last tim attention to them.” 

time, you were too rushed to pay 

The headstock is rounded, the neck a bit short, the waist cinchedrich in sound. These aren’t Master Rainer’s creations.” Cradling the zither’s waist, Noella flipped the zither over to inspect the inscription on the bottom. There, stamped into the wood, was indeed Master Rainer’s personal seall 

Ms. Schnabel, the seal’s right there. We’ve checked it multiple timesit’s genuine

Terrell was set in his mind that even if Noella knew something about zither construction, she couldn’t unravel the true origin of this instrument

Near the tailpiece, there was a flamboyant signatureSylvie

Noella’s eyebrow arched just a fraction higher

When did she ever craft this wither and leave her name on it? And that signatureit looked like it was scrawled by a foot

If you insist on playing tough, then let’s bring in the appraisers.” 

Vintage zithers and those crafted by masters fetched top price, and there were professional appraisers in the industry for such items. Terrell didn’t flinch. Sure thing, I call the appraisers right now.” 

After all, he knew the appraisersit was all part of the plan

To ensure the upcoming auction went smoothly. Terrell had already made arrangements with the appraisal firm

Stepping outside with his phone, Terrell dialed up his contact

Ryder, grab your kit and come to the music store. My boss insists on an appraisal for those zithers. She’s clueless about how the world worksthinks she’s some kind of expert. It’s laughable. I’ve been in the zither business for years; she can’t hold a candle to me.” 

If only Travis had been a little smarter, Noella would never have gotten the upper hand

Those zithers were pricey finds from the antique market, and though a bit worse for wear when acquired, a little restoration made them as good as new. A fresh coat of polish and they could sell for a handsome price

Ryder, grabbing his toolkit, replied, Tll be right there. We’ll stick to our agreed price. Just some greenhorn, a little smoke and mimors will do. Just a Schnabel, barely out of her teens, and she’s meddling in the zither world? If we don’t teach her a lesson, she won’t know who’s boss

Before Ryder could finish, the door suddenly burst open with a kick, revealing a group of unexpected visitors

What are you doing here!Ryder exclaimed in shock

Mizar chuckled, stepping aside to let Master/Rainer and the head of the appraisal firm through

The head appraiser delivered a slap across Ryder’s face. You’ve been with us for years, Ryder, and you pull these illegal stunts! You dare mess with Master Rainer’s apprentice?” 

by the gr 

The whole conversation with Terrell had been overheard through the speakerphone by remarks about Noella 

The head appraiser’s face was red with anger 

group at the door, including their disparaging 

Forget that Ms. Schnabel was the treasured daughter of the Schnabel familyjust being Master Rainer’s acknowledged apprentice made her untouchable in the zither world

Ryder, hand on his cheek, was still reeling- 

On the other end of the line, Terrell waited for a response


Master Rainer snorted. I was beginning to think your firm had lost its way. Take him awayhell fit right in there, with their regimented schedules

Right away, 11l call the policel” 

Ryder’s eyes widened in disbelief. Galen, I’ve given thirty years to the center. Won’t you give me one chance to make it right?” 

Save it, Ryder. You’re a professional. You took money to deceive customers. That’s fraud, and the center will hold you accountable

As Ryder was taken away, Master Rainer gestured dismissively. I have people to see. I won’t linger here. Go to the music store.” 

Immediately!The head of the appraisal firm, Galen, relieved by Master Rainer’s approval, quickly gathered his staff and headed to Noella’s music store

Master Rainer had noticed Mizar following and after confronting her, they detoured to the appraisal centera fortuitous coincidence

Mizar, since you’re shadowing me, get in the driver’s seat. Or do you expect me to chauffeur you?” 

Heh, you got it, Master!” 

Terrell, puzzled by the dial tone on the other end of the phone, felt a growing unease

Ryder, it seemed, had a knack for disappearing midcall. However, since he promised to show up, all one could do was wait 

Ms. Schnabel, the folks from the appraisal center are on their way.” 


Noella’s fingers brushed lightly over the thirteen markers of the zithers, inlaid with what was supposed to be nephrite

It didn’t take an expert to realize these were inferior pieces of nephrite. If not for the fact that zithers didn’t require much of the stone and the inlay work made it hard to spot, these scraps of nephrite would barely fetch two grand. Yet Terrell had somehow managed to hype up these subpar nephrite zithers to skyhigh prices

The music store’s assistant manager arrived with the appraiser. Ms. Schnabel, Galen from the appraisal center is here.” 

Terrell’s heart raced at the sight of the newcomer. Why was the boss here himself? What about Ryder

I thought I was dealing with Ryder. Why is Galen here in person?” 

As Galen prepared himself, donning gloves and appraisal gear, he explained to Noella. Ms. Schnabel, I’m Galen, owner of the Imperial City Zither Appraisal Center. Today, I’ll be providing my services to you free of charge!” 

Noella arched an eyebrow 

Ryder has been taken for investigation due to a professional transgression. He’s facing a stint behind bars!” 

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 3/13/2024 Native Language: English
The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony ) For years, Noella has been the human shield for the true heiress of the Lambert family, Briony - treated poorly and cast out of the house as soon as she came of age.

The Killer Queen ( Noella Briony )

Rumor had it that Noella lost her fortune and fell from the wealthy 


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